About Us

BusinessWorld.Africa publishes the latest happenings in the African business world, including business news, brand stories, government regulations, economic analysis, innovative ideas, and entrepreneurial lifestyles.

We are committed to evolving the African Business Space. We partner with small, medium, and large businesses to help them earnest the power of the media by spotlighting their success story on our platforms.

Mission and Vision

At BusinessWorld.Africa, we aim to;

  • Help African Businesses and Entrepreneurs gain more credibility and authority through our media coverage.
  • Keep our readers abreast of what is happening in the African Business World.
  • Champion the evolution of the African Business World through the publication of innovative business ideas and solutions.
  • Explore the opportunities and complexity of the African continent and provide effective solutions.
  • Give African entrepreneurs and businesses competitive advantages and spotlight them global recognition.

Our Brand Story

Businessworld.Africa is a sub-body of Insight.ng. Here at BusinessWorld.Africa, we help small and medium-sized businesses get media coverage.

Our website currently boasts enormous traffic across the African continent and diaspora.
A spotlight on BusinessWorld.Africa can help your business be reputable, win customers’ trust, attract investors and generate more sales and profit.


At BusinessWorld.Africa, we don’t follow the crowd. While all other media outlet is only concerned about big businesses, we focus on medium and small-sized enterprises. We don’t wait until you have raised $250 million in investment before we cover your brand story. Instead, we start with you, grow with you and guide you until you also hit your big hit. And yes, we cover big businesses’ stories too.

Real Engagement

Our readers are factual. Our traction is genuine. Within our few months of establishment, we have met our African audiences at their doorsteps with current and relevant updates on happenings and events, leaving us with groundbreaking reviews. All our covered stories get indexed on the Google search engine result page. You can leverage our visibility to boost your brand authority.


We are driven by our passion for evolving the African Business world by giving African small and medium businesses a platform to scale and grow their business.

Our Achievements

Within less than 6 months of establishment, BusinessWorld.Africa has achieved the follow:

Award & Recognition

The top 20 Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria – Insight.ng

Recommendation for verified business news in Africa – Mr. Olufemi Akinyemi on Guardian.ng

Media Partnership

Official media partner for Insightpreneur 2022.


Meet The Team

Taiwo Sotikare – Chief Executive Officer

Halimat Chisom – Chief Operating Officer

Ojeyemi Adeleye – Chief Content Officer

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