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One of the greatest disservice to yourself, your business, and your business’s success is to limit its reach. 

Do you have any idea how many lives you could transform if only they knew you were the solution to their problems? 

Thousands. Maybe even more.

Businessworld.Africa aims to bring your achievements as an entrepreneur into the media spotlight. 

We want to cover your brand story and want the world to know how you are changing the world in Africa in your own unique ways. 

We want to make you famous.

And loud your business story.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an innovator, or a life or business coach, whatever solution you represent, you deserve a spot here. 

Over time, we have been able to engage a large number of audiences eager to learn more by leaving several reviews. 

You never can tell who is searching for you or your brand, so let’s make it easier for them to find you.

Our offerings include

  • Sponsored post
  • Press release 
  • Business Profile
  • Interview
  • Biography 

How does it work?

  • Articles

You send us a well-written article of up to 500 to 3,000 words, depending on how you want it. You have a chance to add up to 3 do-follow links.

You can make the article promotional – tailored mainly to your brand and service. Or you can make it informative while adding some sneaky links to other resources and service pages on your website.

You send it to us, our editors do very light editing, if necessary, and we send you the published link within 24 hours. 

  • Press releases

A press release or news report is a great way to publicize your business story to the world.

There are almost a billion small businesses world wide.

It will take almost forever for a journalist to look at your side, talkless of covering your brand story, which is why you need to take charge to tell the world what is new in your company. 

You can create a press release/ news report on already launched projects, upcoming programs, new hires, branch openings, funding, award and recognition, and several others. 

Your news report can be of any length. Our editors will help you revamp it and have it published within 12 hours.

  • Videos

You can craft a compelling promotional video accompanied by brief content that we can seamlessly integrate into our website for visitors to enjoy.

Similarly, we can jump on a virtual video conferencing call with you, more or less in the form of an interview, have the video slightly edited, and have it ready to be published on our YouTube channel while making it available on our blog simultaneously.  

  • Interviews

All successful Entrepreneurs have one or two interviews about them published in different big publications like Forbes, TechCabal, Insight.ng, and Business World Africa.

You, too, can get interviewed and get published on our website.

Book an interview session with us today to promote yourself and your businesses. There are ZERO restrictions here. If you’ve ever needed to brag about your expertise, this is your chance.

  • Biography

It will perhaps take you an extra 5 years to get your biography published on Wikipedia, but getting one on Business World Africa takes less than a day.

So why not leverage this opportunity?

We can create an astonishing biography for you on Business World Africa and have it accessible to our million readerships across Africa. And the good news is we are open to updating this biography whenever you want.

Business Profile

What pops up when people search your business name on Google search?


Or just some random Facebook and Instagram account?

What if we dedicate an entire page to tell the world about your business? In the form of a business profile. Just like a business page on Wikipedia. 

What’s In It For You?

Our website attracts thousands of weekly readers who could potentially become your customers.

To maximize this opportunity, we suggest employing effective sales techniques in your content to convert them. Or better still, seek the help of our expert content writer. 

Additionally, your sponsored post will feature on our website’s front page for up to 2 weeks and then remain permanently on our blog.

This means that even after the initial 14-day period, you can still attract and convert potential customers from our growing community of readers.

Mouthwatering deals like this are not so common.

Who creates the sponsored content?

You can create the content yourself: sponsored post, press release, a new article, biography, or interview. We will be happy to do very light editing before publishing it. 

If you are still determining which approach to take, you can speak with our team; they will gladly give you hints on how to proceed. 

Similarly, you can eliminate all stress and let us do the entire job for you.

All you have to do is provide us with a little information, and our team of brilliant writers and content creators will take charge of providing tailored content for your business.

Even better, these writers know their readers and can connect the dots to serve—our readers’ interests.

What Do You Have To Do To Get This Offer Right Now?

Give your business a lifetime visibility without breaking the bank – our prices are too good to pass up!:

  • If you create the content yourself, you only have to pay N35,000.  
  • If you’d like our talented writers to do it for you, you pay N45,000.

PS: For every sponsored post you submit on our blog, we give you up to 3 do-follow links to your site.


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