Guest Post

Although we generally prioritize publishing articles from our long-term content contributors, we occasionally want to get some business-inspiring ideas from our audience. As a result, we offer a guest post program that allows individuals to publish their content on our blog and engage with our readers.

However, before submitting a piece, we kindly ask that you review our guidelines to ensure that your content aligns with our editorial standards. This will give you a better understanding of what we accept and do not accept.

What we are looking for in a Guest Post

Stimulating Ideas:

We’re looking for thought-provoking topics that challenge the status quo of African Business narratives. We appreciate pieces offering new perspectives and insights that inspire African entrepreneurs to innovate in their business ventures. We want articles that expose our readers to new ideas and development. If you have a great topic in mind, please share it with us!

Enchanting voice:

We prefer that our content is written in a conversational tone that speaks directly to our readers. We want them to feel like they’re having a chat with you over coffee. While a first-person narrative style is not mandatory, it’s definitely a plus. Above all, we value authenticity and authority in your writing.

Trending topics:

We’re always interested in your thoughts and opinions on trending topics in Africa and the global business landscape. It could be the latest tech disruption, hiring trends, economic fluctuations, or new business ideas. You are welcome to support your claims with your professional expertise and experience to add a unique perspective to the subject. 

Consistent Voice:

Before submitting your content, we encourage you to search our site for related articles. This will give you an idea of what we’ve covered and how you can add value to the conversation. Our goal is to spark meaningful conversations and provide valuable insights to our readership.

Well-cited and robust:

We appreciate posts that include practical examples and credible sources. We do not permit blatant self-promotion or link-building. Instead, we ask that you link to related posts on our site and, if necessary, link to other sources that support your argument.

Grammar and Sentence Flow

While we offer quick editing services for guest posts, we expect your articles to be free of grammatical errors, spelling, and inaccuracies. We want our readers to enjoy your article and find it both innovative and exciting. Please keep their interests in mind when writing and ensure your article is easy to read and understand.

What we won’t publish, even if you have a gun on our head

AI-Written Text 

We love AI and how they play a significant role in making human life easy. Nonetheless, we do not accept AI text on our website. If our audience cares for AI answers, we are sure they know where to find them. Our readers at BWA are looking for high-quality, human-written content.

Syndicated Text

We only accept original content that is specifically written for our audience. We do not take previously published work or spun articles. All content must be unique and not have been published anywhere else before.

Self-Promotion Text

While we are happy to include one high-quality do-follow link to relevant pieces on your website, guest posts should not be overly promotional or include blatant link schemes, sales pitches, or service offerings. If you are submitting a guest post solely for link-building purposes, we suggest considering our sponsored post package instead.

Low-Quality Content

We pride ourselves on publishing engaging and insightful articles that are easy for our readers to understand. Therefore, we will not accept content full of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or erroneous information. We strive to publish articles that our readers can connect with and enjoy.


  • Full authorship credit for your article.
  • One quality DoFollow backlink to a relevant post on your website.
  • Byline and short bio space to introduce yourself to our readers.
  • Links to your website and social media accounts will be embedded in your bio space.
  • Access to a large community of insightful Nigerians.

Pitch us your Articles

Our editors at Business World Africa are okay to read your Pitch before you start writing your article. However, we prefer it if you have already written the article and are ready to publish it. It makes everything swift.

Please Note

We reserve the right to edit all submitted articles or stories, including the writing style and tone. 

Also, we receive a high volume of submissions daily, and as such, we may not be able to respond to all inquiries immediately. 

However, we will endeavor to provide feedback within 48 hours. If you do not receive a response after this time, please feel free to send a follow-up email.

And lastly, we do not accept submissions in Microsoft Word or PDF. Your article must be written in Google Docs.

What if Your Guest Post Gets Rejected?

We are open to publishing any piece that fits our niche, regardless of the number of articles we have in stock waiting to be published. However, we reserve the right to reject a post if it is unsuitable for our readers. In such cases, we suggest repurposing it for another website. If you want to ensure your piece is a good fit for us, feel free to contact our editor for guidance on what types of ideas we are looking for.


  • We prioritize long-term contributor over one-time guest posts. Please check if our long-term contribution program will work for you. 
  • If you are looking to get do-follow links to your website, we recommend you check out our sponsored post page. The price is competitive, and you can add as many links as possible. 
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  • To learn more about us and our services, visit our About Page and Service Page.

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