Let us Spotlight your Business on Business World Africa

Put your business on Africa’s leading press release website. Why?

Because you have a better chance of giving it the visibility it deserves.

Businessworld.Africa has helped many upcoming companies and individuals move from few followers and admirers to advocates and returning customers. We have assisted them in taking their brand identity, achievements, and offers to the doorsteps of a large audience.

Your business is a force to reckon with and worth celebrating. You can get these benefits too. 

Our services are for you if you want:

  1. To be at the center of a media space where opportunities can easily locate you. You will gain media recognition, global recognition, an increase in sales, and of course, rewarding partnerships.
  2. Exposure of your works and achievements to a larger African audience beyond your social reach.
  3. Make your brand a household name using top-notch content and strategically telling your success stories.
  4. To publish authority articles highlighting your business’s unique selling point and draw people to ask questions and learn more. This applies even if you don’t know how to present your message; we’ll help you write.
  5. To add credibility to your name and brand name.

How do we achieve this?

You’ll have a featured article of your business, brand, or company published on our website at Businessworld.Africa

We will share the featured article(s) on our social media platforms with thousands of audiences and followers.

Bonuses you Get from Our Service

  1. Free advertisement on our social media channels for 3 days.
  2. Feature on the homepage of our website for 360 hours.
  3. Free top-notch content regarding your goods and services and their benefits.
  4. Free publication of any article of your choice after your approval
  5. A personalized publication in your name (www.businessworld.Africa/sotikaretaiwo); if you want. 

How We Drive Our Traffic

  1. Organic Search: Due to its credibility and resourceful news publication in line with white hat SEO, Businessworld.Africa ranks on the first page of Google SERP when it comes to business news. Google drives traffic to our website because of the top-notch content we deliver.
  2. Social Media: Considering the thousands of followers, we get a lot of likes, comments, as well as reposts. The reposts add to our daily users’ engagement.
  3. Other Third Party Platform: Businessworld.Africa is affiliated with a leading media outlet, Insight.ng, which has 10K steady monthly views. Imagine having the attention of just 10% of that; that’s an additional 1K potential customers to your business. 

What will it cost you?

We charge a flat rate of #10000 ($20) for every article or sponsored post. You can add as many links (do-follow) and images as you deem fit as long as they’re authentic and related to the news idea. 

Send N10,000 to Taiwo Sotikare 

First Bank: 3182808169

Access Bank: 0822618364

GTBank: 0220677935 


To use other payment methods, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to walk you through them.

Get in touch with us through:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp Number: 08146770866