About 150 entrepreneurs from the country will be attending the 2024 Global Entrepreneurship Congress Africa (GEC + Africa). This was revealed in Lagos yesterday by GEN Nigeria when they hosted an event GEC+Africa Lead Up, tagged ‘Connecting Africa: Strides in the Nigeria Entrepreneurship Ecosystem’.

A total of 15 entrepreneurs from other African nations will be joining the 150 coming from Nigeria to pitch for a seed fund of 100,000 thousand dollars at the occasion on 14th March 2024.

Dr. Olawale Anifowose, the managing director at GEN Nigeria, revealed that “The GEC+Africa Lead Up Event serves as a dynamic platform that showcases the finest elements of successful entrepreneurial ecosystems on the continent. It aims to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities, propelling African entrepreneurs to new heights of success.”

He further said the following “At the heart of this event is the instrumental role played by GEN Nigeria. As a strategic partner for GEC+Africa 2024, GEN Nigeria is actively contributing to the facilitation of global opportunities for 150 Nigerian entrepreneurs.”

“This lead-up event in Nigeria marks the beginning of a remarkable journey towards empowering and enriching the entrepreneurial landscape in the country.”

“We are immensely proud to be a part of the GEC+Africa Lead Up Event, as it aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nigeria,”

“We aim to provide Nigerian entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and connections they need to succeed, while also showcasing the immense potential of our entrepreneurial community on a global stage.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Carmen Rossouw who is the Project Lead of GEC+Africa, had this to say, “there is a need for Africa to build platforms that promote a stronger and better entrepreneurial ecosystem where entrepreneurs in Africa can share ideas, discuss common issues and give access for networking.

“The aim is to discuss issues pertaining to the growth of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The idea is to converge and discuss issues such as access to finance, cross-border market access, taxation, technology, and regulation. A peer review could be a catalyst we need in Africa to catapult our Small and Media Enterprises (SMEs) sector.”

She concluded by saying, “The event will bring together 1,500 delegates, and over 30 ministers of trade and investments, to discuss issues around entrepreneurship and trade in Africa and create opportunities for startups within 46 African countries to network to network while investors and corporate organizations will have access to these SMEs”.

Gen Nigeria is a unique affiliate for GEC+Africa 2024, committed to establishing international opportunities for the country’s entrepreneurs and boosting positive transformation in the entrepreneurial industry. They are Nigeria’s foremost firm, dedicated to improving entrepreneurship and encouraging future innovative leaders.



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