The UK – Nigeria Tech Hub is collaborating with DevCareer, a nonprofit firm whose aim is to assist young Africans venturing into the tech industry. The union, launched by the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), is designed to assist the advancement of the technology industry in the country.

About 1700 Nigerians will be trained in computer skills for the development of a tech ecosystem career.  The training will be for 6 months and will provide candidates with sought-after skills in computer programs development, design, and product architecture.

Sultan Akintunde, the creator of DevCareer who spoke, said he was delighted the DevCareer Tech system would be creating the necessary local assistance to those who were not privileged to such opportunities. He further stated “We will go into remote areas to train and educate people about this partnership. Our goal is to make this opportunity as distributed as possible. If there’s a chance that we can positively change the career trajectory of a particular group of people in any part of Nigeria, we’re open to exploring that chance. With the support of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, we can further expand our support and accelerate growth”.

The tech program showcase indigenous talent and facilitate computer literacy skills in Nigeria. Applicants will gain knowledge in Product Architecture, Design, and Computer programming.

DevCareer is a non-profit firm aimed at providing for the incoming generation of tech-savvy creators. The firm teaches courses, structured modules, guidance, laptops, and collaborated learning and internet grants for free to less privileged new computer-savvy youths on the way to learning a new competence.

Presently DevCareer is situated in about 10 states in the country as well as in other countries like Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia.

Chisom Udemezue who is the Programme Manager of the UK Nigeria Tech Hub,  the project was created to look into the reoccurring issue of unemployment by closing the void in computer literacy and developing a talent pipeline for tech startups.

By fostering and networking these skilled youths with booming entrepreneurial projects, it focuses on boosting continuous advancement in the tech ecosystem and adding to the total economic success of the country. This is why interested persons have been communicated to, for application on the DevCareer website or direct link.

DevCarer said, “We’ve championed our course through the Laptops4Developers boot camp, scholarship distribution, data stipend distribution, and playing with domestic and international organisations whose goals align with ours“.

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub is a project of the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports (DCMS) to assist in spreading the country’s tech industry. The Tech Hub operates in facilitating inclusion and continuous financial advancement and job opportunities, establishing computer literacy ability, and developing partnerships between local tech firms and international organizations.

Presently, DevCareer brags about their over 16000 dynamic members, a total of 2000 awarded scholarships in different courses, 172 interns trained and provided with 3 laptops in 3 divisions, many of these already working on projects and remotely in blue-chip tech firms like Healthtracka, Flutterwave, and Plentywaka as such calling on computer savvy youths to join the community.

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