Twenty of Ghana’s most creative startups have graduated from the UNICEF StartUp Lab after completing an intense six-month program focused on business and product development.

The UNICEF StartUp Lab is an accelerator program led by UNICEF in Ghana and supported by KOICA under the “KOICA-UNICEF Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Ghana” project. It is dedicated to supporting businesses that work towards advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for children and young people.

Furthermore, this achievement marks the end of a journey that aimed to improve the business, technological, and communication skills of the participating entrepreneurs, strengthen their products and businesses, and ultimately increase their social impact.

The startups that participated in the program’s third cohort are:

Loozeele Initiative:

Loozeele Initiative is a social enterprise that empowers young Kayayei women in Northern Ghana with entrepreneurship and life skills training. Also, they provide training in basketry, fabric weaving, baking, and shea butter making, as well as access to business development resources and mentorship.

Brox Technology:

Brox Technology s a mobile app that allows students and parents to easily access student academic records. The app can be accessed via USSD, WhatsApp, or a web browser.

My Power App:

My Power App is a social networking platform for girls that provides a safe space for them to connect with each other, learn new skills, and get advice from mentors.


Easimodation is a real estate company that provides affordable and sustainable housing options for students. They also offer investment opportunities in real estate projects.


Nnoboa is a human resources company that helps agricultural businesses find and hire qualified staff. They also provide training and development programs for employees.


NetLyfe  is a health platform that provides medical consultations, health tips, and medication delivery to patients with malaria, hypertension, diabetes, and pneumonia.

Bethniel Financial Technology:

Bethniel Financial Technology is a financial technology company that builds financial services applications and provides consulting services. They offer products and services that help young people learn about money and personal finance, track expenses and create budgets, and access financial services like payments, advice, investments, and loans.


ViztaEdu is a social media-based educational app for tertiary-level students. The app allows students to share their educational journeys, collaborate on projects, and access gamified learning features.

Chestify AI Labs:

Chestify AI Labs is a deep learning company that develops models to diagnose pathologies on medical images. Their models are specifically designed for use in highly marginalized communities in Africa and the Caribbean that do not have access to radiology infrastructure or seasoned radiologists.

Luminate Career Services:

Luminate Career Services is a career guidance company that provides students with the tools and resources they need to find fulfilling and relevant careers. They offer career counseling, workshops, and job shadowing opportunities.

ELNAK Recycle:

ELNAK Recycle is a textile waste management company that provides recycling and decluttering services for businesses and households in Accra, Ghana.


Jowato is a technology startup that provides digital skills and solutions to small businesses in Ghana. They help businesses to improve their operations and become more competitive.


EjumaHub is a platform that connects homeowners and businesses with independent handyman service professionals. EjumaHub’s vetted professionals can provide services such as cleaning, electrical work, plumbing, and painting.


TrashSmart is a digital waste management company that provides waste collection, cleaning supplies, and partnerships with key stakeholders in the waste industry. They help businesses and households to reduce their environmental impact.


Heny is a platform that allows individuals and small businesses to share authentic African experiences with the world. Heny’s users can create and sell tours, classes, and other experiences that showcase African culture and heritage.

CTN Technologies:

CTN Technologies is a training company that provides training in new technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, and drone technology. They offer courses for young people between the ages of 16 and 30.


AkoFresh is a green cold chain solution that helps farmers to reduce post-harvest losses. They provide sustainable preservation services that help farmers to keep their produce fresh and marketable.


DeafCanTalk is a technology company that provides video content in sign language for deaf people. They also offer TV services for people with hearing disabilities.


KoenaConcepts is a technology company that builds innovative technology solutions for social challenges in Africa. They have developed a data-free, zero-rated online platform that provides free technology skills training and job opportunities to young people in rural areas.


GAPHealth is a software company that provides enterprise and patient-centred consumer software for digital health applications and research. Their software is disease and practice-agnostic, and it can be customized to suit the needs of clinics and organizations.


Mest is a pan-African technology and entrepreneurship training program, seed fund, and incubator. They help to launch technology startups across the continent. MEST has trained thousands of entrepreneurs and invested in hundreds of startups.


Koica is a South Korean government agency that provides grant aid and technical assistance to developing countries. The KOICA Ghana Office has been supporting development programs in Ghana in the areas of public health, agriculture, rural development, education, and governance.

Moralist Festus
Moralist Festus
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