A 30-million-dollar transaction has been organized by the Medic West Africa Exhibition in order to close the void through the availability of a unique framework for leaders to discuss and form the future of Nigeria’s healthcare system.

The exhibition which is the biggest community of healthcare executives in West Africa, organized about 3,260 professionals across 84 nations in the healthcare system in its 2022 program. This year’s exhibition will take place between 26th September to 28th September 2023 in Lagos.

The forthcoming event will have forums with significant companies such as the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria, the Association of Nigerian Private Medical Practitioners, and the Society for Quality in Health Care in Nigeria.

The event is arranged by the world-renowned organizer; Informa Markets will be a landmark for Medic West Africa as they will be celebrating their 10th anniversary and be using the opportunity to also pioneer Medlab West Africa in collaboration with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN).

The newly set Medlab West Africa will network the whole West African healthcare and medical laboratory sector from wholesalers to retailers in order to establish unrivaled knowledge and connection bonding occasions. The Medlab West Africa program poses the perfect healthcare laboratory program giving producers the unique chance of meeting a wide range of consumers.

Mr. Tom Coleman who is the  Exhibition director spoke about plans to restructure West Africa’s health system and upgrade the framework said, “with its rapidly growing population, West and Central Africa has an ever-increasing demand for quality healthcare services.

“Whilst governments have made significant investments to improve healthcare infrastructure and expand access to medical facilities, Medic West Africa is instrumental in driving the progression of the healthcare industry by creating a conducive environment for businesses and stakeholders to connect, discourse, and explore the latest healthcare advancements in healthcare technology and solutions.”

Medic West Africa 2023 which will be pioneering the Medlab seminar will be presenting a laboratory symposium trail on molecular analytics, clinical microbiology, immunology, and laboratory administration.

The seminar will host highly respected individuals in the healthcare, and medical fields amongst them are, Dr Donald I. Ofili, Director & Deputy Registrar, MLSCN Accreditation Service; Dr Akyala Ishaku, Director, Global Health and Infectious Diseases Centre, Nasarawa State University; and Dr Abdul Karim Sesay, Head of the Genomics Strategic Platform at the Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation by MLSCN will be allowed at the seminar.

This Medic West Africa 2023 program is aimed at advertising the flourishing abilities of the region’s healthcare and laboratory industry.

The free-to-attend seminar is backed by a plethora of business organizations, governmental parastatals, and industry associates namely Abbott, Randox, Erba Manheim, Qiagen, and many more, Medic West Africa is free to attend.

Olatoyosi Esuola loves art, poetry, and spoken words. He is a big fan of jazz music and movies, which is why he see everyone as actors here on earth getting their takes. He has been writing poetry and articles for over a decade and has published a book of poems.

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