An empowerment training program had been finalized by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. The ministry has been able to train and empower 3000 farmers during the program.

According to Dr. Deola Lordbanjou, the director in the Federal Department of Agricultural Extension Services (AES), 3000 farmers were picked and trained simultaneously from 12 states of the country. The trained farmers were supported with various farm inputs, which will enhance their productivity. Among the distributed inputs are herbicides, knapsack sprayers, day-old chicks, and fish feeds.

The mission of the program, per the ministry, was to improve the overall life and development of farmers, thereby bringing them out of deprivation. To achieve this, the farmers were introduced to contemporary agricultural technologies, which would help improve their growth and productivity.

Twelve experts were selected from the federal institutions’ faculties of agriculture to guide the farmers through proper farming methods that will help them become profitable commercial farmers. Furthermore, Professor Tajudeen Bameke of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Department of Agricultural Extension encouraged farmers to put value to their products to make more profit.

Habeeb Okunlade
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