An avenue for the Nigeria and other African nations to converse on continuous utilization of the continent’s natural reserves will be held at the upcoming Africa Natural Resource and Energy Investment Summit (AFNIS-2023). This event will happen between 31st October and 2nd November 2023.

The event which is scheduled to hold for 3 days would be honoured by government dignitaries from African countries, professionals from different fields, educationists, and business leaders. The even aim to discuss the intricacies of realizing a fair conversion in the mining and energy industries.

Dr. Mary Ogbe, the permanent secretary Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development said the federal government was dedicated to partnering with other nations in the continent. This partnership will ensure utilization of the natural resources.

She revealed to some Diplomatic Corps during a briefing session that, from the AFNIS Event, the federal government will provide an avenue for knowledge sharing about Africa. This will create an opportunity for Nigeria to synergize with other African countries to keep up the continuous development of the continent’s natural reserves by establishing knowledge sharing, funding and commerce.

The permanent secretary added that, “This forum was initiated to strategize on how Africa can continue to receive investment from its vast mineral resource deposits while also protecting its environment. The Summit thus provides a global platform for Africa to encourage investment in its power, energy (oil and gas), and mining sectors.”

She concluded by saying that other African countries and their supporters should use the opportunity of the preparation of the AFNIS edition 2023 to engage in building on the successes achieved from the first AFNIS event last year

Ambassador Adamu Ibrahim Lamuwa, permanent secretary from Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is of the opinion that proper efforts should be made to  foster the evolution of the continent’s natural and energy resources. He said that that “a better Africa can be achieved” with AFNIS.

Dr. Abubakar Lawal, the managing director, Core-I-Mine and co-founder, of AFNIS, said the topic of the event is, “Towards a Just Transition,” which was in direct relation to searching for tactical ways in approaching the issues related to the change from fossil fuels, with an eye on reducing unfavorable impacts on financial state embedded in these industries.

He quoted ”AFNIS 2023 central objective is to strike a delicate balance that supports Africa’s mining and energy sector growth, harnessing fossil fuels for industrialization, while concurrently aligning with global climate change mitigation efforts.”

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