Lafayette Group, a private equity company based in Europe has led the capital investment round of $539,000 for SeekMake, a Tunisian construction tech startup. This fund will enable the startup to expand its operations internationally; with France and Germany being the startup’s next points of commercial penetration.

This is Lafayette’s first deal in a Tunisian startup as the group has a knack for funding massive manufacturing firms.

SeekMake was founded in 2018 by Adel Ayari and Zino Adidi, the company aids the connection of customers with construction and manufacturing firms in 40 countries. This enhances the fast conceptualization of ideas and subsequent distribution of finished goods.

SeekMake also furnishes customers with a variety of materials which long-lasting, tough, and economical. The company has also grown in the last 8 months as their staff strength went from 4 people to 30 staff. This feat has made StartUs Insights mark SeekMake as a company amongst the top 5 international startups dedicated to Distributed Manufacturing.

From 2018 when SeekMake was founded till date, their customer base has grown in terms of users and manufacturers to about 10,000 persons. Some of their products include (Computer Numeric Control) CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, laser cutting, and engraving.

Although the company has a presence in Tunisia, the United States, and Australia, the funding led by Lafayette Group will help the startup expand into other nations such as France and Germany where they believe there are opportunities.

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