Amazon has launched the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Skills Centre in South Africa, to deliver free training for learners in the region.

Amazon recognised that the significant challenge that keep industries from positive turnaround is a lack of skills. By implementing technological advancement such as big data, A.I and cloud computing, most firms plan to boost demand for people with skills and establish about 2.6 million opportunities in the next 4 years.

Because of this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) established its foremost Skills Centre outside America in Capetown, South Africa making it Amazon’s 3rd center internationally.

Maureen Lonergan, the Vice President, of AWS Training and Certification said “AWS is committed to removing barriers for people to access the skills training they need to grow their careers.” She added that “The Cape Town region is ripe with talent, and upskilling the workforce can play a crucial role in driving innovation, catalyzing economic growth, and accelerating digital transformation across South Africa.

The new center is built to widen the rural area’s workforce development initiatives and change strategies. One of the main focuses is to level the playing field by offering free-of-charge academic programs for nontechnical workers, aiding to bridge the growing search for skilled cloud talent.

The Skills Centre will furnish individual-learning space for people in the local community—regardless of type of academic qualification, or social status. Amazon plans to develop a variety of low-level clouds across the continent.

Apart from widening its AWS re/Start initiative to 6 countries in the continent namely Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal, and Rwanda to provide free-of-charge coaching and skills creation for persons looking at making a career out of cloud computing, 100,000 people in South Africa have been coached, free of charge on cloud skills since 2017.

AWS is dedicated to making sure Amazon fulfills their desire of furnishing free-of-charge computer based coaching skills to 29 million individuals internationally within the next 2 years.

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