Vodacom announces the partnership between Prime Video Mobile Edition and Amazon in South Africa.

Amazon has first launched its Prime Video Mobile Edition in India, partnering with telecoms giant, Airtel in 2021. However, the launch of Prime Video Mobile Edition in partnership with Amazon in South Africa will be the first of its kind in Africa.

Prime Video Mobile Edition is said to be for mobile plans available in selected countries through its partners. It can only be accessed on smartphones and not on laptops or Smart TV. It shares similar features with Netflix but at a cheaper rate, and can be accessed by selected partners including India.

It costs R29 in South Africa in a month and it’s open to only Vodacom subscribers whether in prepaid or contract in South Africa. There’s a package of R59 which includes 3GB per month.

New Vodacom Subscribers Enjoy Free Data for a Month

Vodacom subscribers can activate Prime Video or Prime Video Mobile Edition per number. A free trial is given to new subscribers for 30 days with an additional 10GB for Prime Video Mobile Edition. Vodacom brings the privilege of signing up for the Standard Amazon Prime Video service at the rate of R79 per month for a 3-month trial.

By 2025, according to The Mobile Economy, 615 million Africans will be subscribed to mobile charges and the adoption of 4G will double to 28% in sub-Saharan Africa. On how to approach the market, unlike India, South Africa is the first mobile that was launched in Africa, and Vodacom sees a way to approach the market by streaming just like Netflix and Amazon.

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