A startup company concentrated on solving Africa’s environmental data bridge via satellite technology and AI, Amini Corp., has raised $2 million in pre-seed funding led by a leading European Climate Tech fund, Pale Blue Dot. Other investors are: RaliCap, Emurgo Kepple Ventures, W3i, Superorganism and a group of angel investors from the international tech community.

Only 3% of the world’s GDP is reckoned by Africa, which contains 30% of the world’s mineral resources and 65% of the world’s unattended to rich land. 

Lack of trustworthy and reliable data has impeded corporate choices and capital distribution for decades. This has made it harder to quantify the effects of climate change and has contributed to this imbalance.

Amini has created a strong data aggregation and analytics platform with the ability to receive, combine and process satellite data, weather information and other information up to a square meter.

The platform gives access to quality environmental data analytics among which are soil and crop health, drought, flood, etc. The information to be processed can be to estimate crop yields for millions of smallholder farmers or gauge the effects of natural disasters in the area.

Having its first customers in the agricultural sector, Amini uses the platform’s granular and actionable information to improve farmers’ flexibility via parametric agricultural insurance reception.

This cooperation intends to aid both international food chains and African farmers with concentration on revitalising agriculture.

The CEO and founder of Amini, Kate Kallot in her speech stated that they are generating the only foundation of truth for environmental information throughout Africa.

The CEO also noted that data has the ability of changing livelihoods by strengthening everything from climate flexibility to maintainable value chains. 

The company has become the first African one approved on the choosy Seraphim Space Accelerator programme.

Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
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