African tech company BCX taps SAP’s cloud solution to boost sales

BCX, a Tech company in Africa taps SAP’s cloud solution to boost sales. BCX is an ICT service provider with Africa as its major client. The company provides end-to-end digital solutions for entering 

Chief of Cloud Platform Solutions at BCX Speaks on the Project

Speaking with Julian Liebenberg, Chief of Cloud Platform Solutions at BCX. She says “Our use of multiple quoting tools across the business led to inconsistent quoting, and sometimes Inaccurate billing. A lack of integration and automation also resulted in missed opportunities and lost customers due to delays. We implemented SAP CPQ to enable our sales and pre-sales teams to configure and quote complex ICT solutions, with integration to our CRM system allowing for greater automation in the quote process. We also integrated to our SAP back-end for order processing.” She explained 

SAP CPQ is a cloud-based software-as-a-service offering specifically targeted to help sales teams perform complex product configurations and create and manage sales quotations.

Result of the Implementation 

The implementation was supervised by the BCX SAP Centre of Excellence, with proficient guidance from SAP Services. 

“We have increased our win rate across the various business units within BCX and more than halved the time it took us to go from qualified opportunity to solution design, from 52 days to less than 25 days,” says Liebenberg. “This has helped us improve our customer experience and defend our existing customer base while also unlocking new opportunities for digital marketing and customer engagement.”

 Regional Director for Southern Africa at SAP Speaks

Cameron Beveridge, Regional Director for Southern Africa at SAP, adds: “ As one of the foremost technology services companies on the African continent, BCX plays a leading role in guiding enterprises in their digital transformation efforts. The success of this latest project bodes well for the region’s prospects, as BCX can transfer their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of other innovative companies.”

Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
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