The Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) Plc urges the use of FinTech innovation to create a more inclusive capital market.

During the Institute of Capital Market Registrars (ICMR) annual conference themed “Technology’s Impact on Nigeria’s Economy in the Capital Market,” Haruna Jalo-Waziri, the Managing Director/CEO of CSCS, highlighted that using online trading platforms, robo-advisors, blockchain, and AI-driven analytics has opened up investment opportunities and increased market transparency.

Jalo-Waziri, represented by CSCS Plc’s Divisional Head of Business Technology & Digital Innovation, Tobe N. Nnadozie, emphasized how FinTech has revolutionized trading, investing, and fundraising, making the market more accessible and fostering innovation.

He stated, “FinTech has radically changed capital markets. By employing modern technologies like online trading platforms, robo-advisors, blockchain, and AI-driven analytics, investing has become more accessible, processes have streamlined, transparency increased, and new investment avenues created.”

According to Jalo-Waziri, this relationship between FinTech and the capital market is crucial for sustainable financial growth, offering opportunities for individuals and businesses to navigate modern financial systems efficiently.

He continued, “We’re dedicated to making our capital market more accessible to everyone, from seasoned investors to first-timers, by harnessing technology’s power to provide financial access.”

Jalo-Waziri stressed that inclusivity is central to their mission, aiming to create a fairer and more accessible capital market through technological advancements for both seasoned and new investors.

Moralist Festus
Moralist Festus
Moralist Festus is a writer, journalist, and newswriter at Business World Africa, where he focuses on delivering Business News in Africa. Also, he has keen passion for artificial intelligence, and philosophy.

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