Who is a Digital Creator: Tips to get started

A digital creator is an individual who utilizes social media channels to express ideas, share knowledge, or entertain audiences. In this era, the internet serves not only as a source of information but also as a platform for content creation. From engaging Instagram posts to captivating YouTube videos, digital creators play a role in shaping our interactions.

The creator economy in Africa is on the rise, offering people the opportunity to turn their passions into careers. Africans are now having their voices across fields like fashion, technology, comedy, and education and cultivating online followings. Embracing the creator role allows for flexibility. You can work from any location, set your schedule, and immerse yourself in topics and content that ignite your passion.

This article will delve into what establishing yourself as a digital creator entails. We’ll cover aspects ranging from pinpointing your niche to exploring income prospects for African creators. Let’s get started!

Digital Creator Vs. Content Creator

You might encounter individuals using “digital creator” and “content creator” interchangeably; however, they share commonalities! It’s important to understand their differences. In its simplest form, anyone who produces content can be classified as a content creator.

Content creation involves creating materials designed to engage an audience, such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, photos, etc. Content creators can operate in both offline and online media realms. For example, a journalist writing for a print magazine is considered a content creator but not necessarily a digital one.

On the other hand, digital creators focus their efforts on digital platforms. They are the minds behind YouTube channels, captivating Instagram profiles, viral TikTok videos, and informative blogs. Whether they specialize in video editing, photography, audio content creation, or written work, successful digital creators possess the skills to produce engaging content that resonates with various audience online.

How to Become a Digital Creator: An Overview

Although challenges may arise on this path but there are rewards for those who put in the effort.

  1. Identify Your Niche

Defining your niche is like setting the groundwork for your journey as a digital creator. What subjects ignite your passion? What topics do you have expertise in? Where does your creativity truly shine? Choosing a niche that aligns well with an audience is recommended to make an impact especially in the African digital creator’s space

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  1. Choose Your Platforms

Once you’ve figured out your niche (your focus area), deciding where you want to share your content is important. Take into account the social media platforms in Africa, such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and various blogging websites. Think about your target audience and how they spend their time online. Do they prefer reading articles, watching videos, or longer video content?

  1. Getting a Grip on the Essential Tools

Don’t let technology hold you back! Whether you’re into photography, videography, writing, or graphic design, there are tools to enhance your content creation process. Check out options such as Canva for creating graphics and social media posts. You can also consider CapCut for editing videos with effects specifically designed for TikTok and reels.

OpenShot is a free video editing software that handles more complex projects. WordPress and Blogger are popular platforms to kick off your blogging journey.

  1. Creating Outstanding Content 

Consistency and providing value to your audience are elements of success. Strive for excellence in presenting your content (considering aspects like lighting and audio quality if you’re dealing with videos).

However, the main objective is to ensure that your content truly brings value, whether by entertaining, sharing information, or inspiring others.

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  1. Building Engagement with Your Audience

Creating a community is where the real essence of the creator economy flourishes. Interact with comments, respond to questions, and foster conversations. As you grow your audience, the potential to turn your passion into a creator career expands.

Digital Creators Jobs in 2024

The digital creator space presents an opportunity to convert your passion into a source of income! Amazing right? Below are roles in the digital creation landscape to thrive in 2024.

  1. Social Media Content Creators

These individuals excel at crafting concise content through posts on platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok or creating engaging narratives for brands and companies. A standout example is Elsa Majimbo (@majimb.o), a personality from Kenya known for her short videos.

  1. Video Creators

It is no news that YouTube is gaining popularity in Africa. In fact, there’s an increasing demand for video creators who produce content. This can include comedy sketches like those by Mark Angel Comedy (@markangelcomedy), informative tutorials, or engaging product reviews.

  1. Bloggers

The power of the written word continues to have an impact! Bloggers share their knowledge, stories, and personal experiences on their or third-party websites. One notable example is Sisi Yemmie (@sisisyemmie), a blogger focusing on food and lifestyle topics. And if you are looking to share your stories and achievements on a website, Businessworld.Africa is a good fit.

  1. Podcasters

Podcasting is gaining popularity in Africa with creators producing content in a certain style. An inspiring figure in this field is Patricia Bright (@thepatriciabright), a beauty and business podcaster based in the UK.

  1. Graphic Designers

Graphic designers create appealing social media graphics and websites to support other digital creators and businesses. For instance, Osarumen Osamuyi (@theburntpencil) is known for his work as an artist and brand identity designer.

These instances highlight the opportunities for creators in Africa. With the growing creator economy, new and innovative job prospects are likely to emerge. Many digital creators take on roles simultaneously. For example, a YouTuber may also have design skills, while a podcaster might offer social media content creation services.

What is the Salary of a Digital Creator in 2024

Are you interested in knowing how much you would earn if you become a digital creator in 2024? Let’s ride!

While income potential is an aspect of this career path, it’s essential to note that success does not come overnight. Salaries for creators in the realm can vary depending on factors like their area of expertise, level of experience, the size of their audience, and the strategies they use to generate income.

The income of social media content creators is influenced by whether they are employed by a company or work independently. Freelancers often set their rates based on projects or ongoing contracts with starting figures around $500 monthly. These rates can increase based on their skills and the clients they work with.

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Video creators generate revenue through platforms like the YouTube Partner Program, securing sponsorships and engaging in affiliate marketing. Their earnings can range from a hundred dollars to exceeding a salary depending on factors like viewership and focus area.

Bloggers earn money through avenues such as advertisements, affiliate marketing partnerships, and offering services or products. Their income levels vary widely, with some successful individuals making large amounts each month.

However, podcasters share similarities with bloggers regarding revenue sources from sponsorships, affiliate links, and premium content offerings. As building an audience is a process, initial earnings may be modest.

Freelance graphic designers can determine their pricing per hour or per project based on their expertise and capabilities. Their earnings typically start around $25 per hour, but they can increase as they gain experience.

It’s important to set expectations when starting a career as a creator because success doesn’t come overnight. By dedicating time to growing your audience and monetizing your content, you can lay the foundation for a career in the space.


The field of content creation offers opportunities for individuals in Africa. Pursuing a path as a creator could be fulfilling if you are creative, ready to learn, and connect with others. While the journey to becoming a digital creator may have challenges, the potential rewards outweigh them.

Are you feeling ready to start this journey? Begin by exploring niches that inspire you, platforms that interest you, and tools that enhance your creativity. The potential for success as a digital creator in Africa is limitless; your adventure begins now!

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