Fastizers, a female local producer of snacks and confectioneries in the country has received a 2-million dollar boost into its operations by another fast food company called Aruwa Capital Management.

The lady behind Fastizers, Debbie Lawson created the company in 2010 from her kitchen out of her passion for making snacks. However, Fastizers has grown into a household name and is continuously expanding as a company that produces snacks.

Adesuwa Okunbo-Rhodes, the Founder and Managing Partner of Aruwa Capital Management, expressed her delight at Fastizers focus and its ability to “become leading players in the Nigeria snack foods industry.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in supporting their growth and expansion within the Nigerian snack food industry.

“The investment aligns with our investment objectives and our determination to back indigenous female-founded businesses that lack access to patient growth capital.”

The M.D. added that the Fastizers company was created and led by a woman with over 46% female investment, 45% female participation across its operations, and 59% female participation among its wholesalers.

She concluded by saying, “The investment also represents our commitment to empowering local businesses, encouraging import substitution, and fostering sustainable economic development in Nigeria through job creation. We firmly believe in Fastizers’ potential to revolutionize the snack food industry in Nigeria, and we are excited to witness their continued success and import.”

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