Fintech giant, Flutterwave, has created Tuition, a platform for Africans to pay school fees from secondary to university level. Tuition will also be used for other educational technology transactions in local currency both domestically and internationally.

Presently, about 40 educational institutions are backing it, however, for now, it is only accessible in Nigeria. In the nearest future, there are plans to spread to institutions in the continent as well as Germany, Canada, France, and the UK.

In the coming months, the service will be available to guardians, parents, and students in other countries in the continent as Flutterwave continues to unroll its services. Commercial activities can be seamlessly monitored online through the status and history page of the service app by guardians and parents.

The app has come at a needed time as people in Africa are having huge challenges regarding on-time edtech payments to institutions overseas. This will also curb exorbitant and restricted financial institutions’ service fees, lack of transaction clarity, lack of dependency, and exchange rate variations.

The app will mitigate these challenges and provides seamless payment processes as stated by Flutterwave.

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