Flutterwave is collaborating with Microsoft to build the future framework on Microsofts Azure. This will boost payments structure across the continent and overseas.

This collaboration enhances Flutterwave’s dedication to enabling commercial activities and customers’ entry into international type services all over the continent and steering digital global advancement. Another aim of the partnership apart for engineering trade to and from Africa, it provides a course to positively drive upliftment in Africa.

The partnership also makes Flutterwave aid the speedy upgrade of commercial processes on their framework for international customers such as Microsoft, Uber, and Netflix, stamping Azure’s place in processing a smooth, dependable, and safe payment experience.

Apart from the fact that Flutterwave operates Azure’s Open AI Services capabilities, its main services such as Flutterwave for Business, Flutterwave store, Flutterwave for Fintech Platform, and Send by Flutterwave are being established and adapted onto the robust Azure cloud framework.

Mr. Olugbenga Agboola, founder and CEO of Flutterwave said, “Microsoft has been an invaluable partner, providing a platform that allows us to deliver consistently high-quality services to our clients”. “As we manage high-volume payment processing, particularly during peak periods, the robustness, reliability, and scalability of Microsoft Azure become critical. As such, deepening our collaboration with Microsoft is our most logical step forward.”  This he explained means the Fintech company will continually steer the evolution of international trade, by leveraging on the various and widening range of products offered by Microsoft.

The CTO of Flutterwave, Mr. Gurbhej Dhillon, added, “Our development on Microsoft Azure has set a strong foundation for Flutterwave.” “Their platform provides us with significant developer leverage, which we harness in service of our clients. Looking to the future, we’re excited about the possibilities of scaling with Azure OpenAI Service, which will enable us to serve even more merchants worldwide.”

Microsoft Corporation General Manager, Mr. Mike Gaal expressed delight by saying, “We have proudly supported Flutterwave’s core operations with Microsoft Azure for many years. We are excited to further fuel their growth and innovation through this expanded collaboration”. “Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Working with Flutterwave will take us a step closer to achieving our mission In Africa”.

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