Google Plans First-Ever Fiber-optic Cable To Connect Africa and Australia 

Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth (Google) has revealed its plan to connect Africa with Australia through ‘Umoja,’ the first-ever fiber-optic cable.

Google has elaborated on the plans and significance of ‘Umoja,’ which aims to foster economic and digital relationships between the African continent and Australia.

Following the plans to foster digital and economic relationships between the two continents, Google has shed light on how the fiber-optic cable, ‘Umoja,’ would be connected to different African countries before finally connecting to Australia.

Google plans for Umoja to pass through several African countries, including DR Congo, South Africa, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe, before reaching Australia.

Google has further clarified its plan by elucidating the benefits of the Umoja Cable. Google stated that the Umoja Cable would ensure swift internet connection and a long range of network connectivity from different regions, making it easier for internet users to access internet services without much stress and without minding the region.

Google revealed that Umoja’s plan was birthed from a notion of many internet users’ difficulty accessing the internet and challenges faced with network issues, which have severely plagued many African countries in recent times. It revealed that Umoja has come to proffer a solution to such connectivity issues and would relieve many internet users’ stress of accessing good internet services.

Google, the search engine company, revealed its collaboration with the heads of Africa and Australia to ensure the smooth running of the Umoja project. In the long term, this will foster good working relationships with Africans and Australians.

Following Google’s plan, Meg Whitman, the U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, made his point about the upcoming creation of Umoja, which would have many economic, digital, and infrastructural impacts.

The Ambassador praised Google’s plans and encouraged the development it will bring to Kenya. He also stated that the search engine company will join hands with ‘Kenya’s Ministry of Information Communications and The Digital Economy to tackle online security issues, ensure people accept technological development, and regularise AI.

The president of Kenya, Dr. William Ruto, has reacted to Google’s plan by welcoming it with open hands and praising the search engine company for considering Kenya as one of the beneficiaries of Umoja, noting that it is a win-win situation for Africa and Australia.


Oluwarantimi Oludase
Oluwarantimi Oludase
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