Google said that merchants selling Cryptocurrency Coin Trust can advertise their products on the platform beginning January 29, 2024. This comes five years after Google prohibited any cryptocurrency-related goods adverts from its site.

Google stated in a recent policy update that the adjustments are based on new criteria developed through its certification process and are intended to provide crypto users with sufficient information to make educated decisions. Once the regulation is implemented, Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts will be able to produce and serve adverts on Google.

Direct promotions, on the other hand, that imply or offer buying, holding, or trading are prohibited. According to Google, cryptocurrency coin trusts are financial products that allow investors to swap shares in trusts that hold large amounts of digital currency.

Businesses that accept virtual currencies as payment or sell mining hardware may also advertise on Google, as long as they adhere to current Google Ads guidelines. Notably, educational content about cryptocurrency is also permitted on the platform.

Google stated in the policy change that, in addition to its standards, all advertisers must follow local regulations in each place that their advertising target.

Google stated that NFT-based games and platforms are permitted to advertise on the platform to a limited extent. It also stated that blockchain-based games that allow for the purchase of objects, characters, weapons, or armour with better stats are permitted as long as they are consumed in-game.

Under some conditions, hardware wallets that carry private keys to crypto and NFTs may also advertise. The policy also specifies the conditions for advertising cryptocurrency exchanges and software wallets, emphasizing the importance of licensure and compliance with local laws and industry standards.

Gabriel Eleojo Umoru
Gabriel Eleojo Umoru
I'm Gabriel Eleojo Umoru, a graduate of Mass Communication from Prince Abubakar Audu University (formerly Kogi State University Anyigba, Kogi State). My hobbies include writing, surfing the internet and listening to music. I'm into voice editing and project management. I also help people out in their research projects.

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