How to Start Phone Repair Business in 2023

In today’s technology-driven world, smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily life. As a result, there is an increased need for reliable phone repair services. This need has made phone repairing service a lucrative business for young entrepreneurs.

This article will guide you on the strategic steps required to establish a successful phone repair business. 

Benefits of Phone Repair in Africa

1. Employment opportunities 

The phone repair industry generates employment opportunities for many people, from technicians to sales and support staff. This opportunity boosts the local economy by providing jobs and contributing to the community.

2. Increases household income

Technicians generate incomes through the service they offer therefore improving their financial well-being and contributing to their families and community.

3. Cost effectiveness

Repairing a phone is more cost-effective than purchasing a new one. Budget can be tight and users may find it hard to get a new phone, hence, they opt for a repair.

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4. Skill acquisition

Technicians acquire valuable skills during training and experience. They can apply these skills to various parts of their service, industry and business.

5. Phone data recovery

More often, phone users lose valuable data as a result of phone damage. Thanks to phone repair services which also cover data recovery. Now phone users can restore such data through mobile repair services. 

Steps in Opening Phone Repair Business 

1. Market Research

Before starting your entrepreneur journey, conduct a thorough market research. This research includes gaining insight into the local phone repair industry dynamic’s, understanding the market, identifying your target audience, identifying the consumer preference and understanding the prevalent issues in the industry. 

Also look into areas with high demand and check what your competitors offer; this will help you determine the type of service you would offer and how you should differentiate yourself from others.

2. Business plan

A robust plan is the cornerstone of a successful business. Your plan must detail the service you offer, and outline your business objective. A well structured business plan serves as a roadmap guiding your decisions. 

A business plan should help determine the price strategy, marketing activities and financial projection. Your business plan should also include equipment and supply needed to get started.  

3. Strategic location

You need a physical location to operate your phone repair business. The importance of choosing the right location can’t be overstated. 

Visibility and accessibility plays a vital role in attracting customers to your business. Also consider setting up an online presence to reach a wider audience.  

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4. Skills and training

Having the technical prowess in phone repair is non-negotiable. Attending training programs, workshops and seminars, and mastering the skills will help inspire confidence in your customers. This customer confidence will contribute to building a stellar reputation among competitors.

5. Equipment

You will need some specific tools to repair phones such as screwdrivers, tweezers, replacement screens, and adhesives. Also do not forget online tools such as cloud-base phone repair software. 

Having the right tools enhances the quality of your work. These quality tools and equipment contribute to customer’s satisfaction and retention.

6. Authentic parts

You need to partner with reliable suppliers to source authentic parts. The quality of your repair depends on the quality of the parts you use. When you use quality parts, it creates a sense of genius to the customer and also leads to trust and satisfaction.

7. Strategic marketing

Establishing an online presence through creating a professional website and social media accounts can bolster engagement. Additionally, ensure there are ways to convince potential offline customers. You can do this by holding a business fair, putting a discount on your service or rewarding loyal customers.

8. Diverse service portfolio

To have a more specific service approach, your services can be diversified. Beyond screen replacement and battery replacement, also consider charging port fix, software troubleshooting and data recovery. 

A versatile or diversified service range can set you apart from your competitor and can cater for future customers.

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9. Pricing

Have a competitive and transparent pricing. Balance the cost of parts and labor, and ensure that the service is affordable for your customers. This is an important part of your business that can bolster customer interest in your service.

10. Licenses and permits

Depending on where you live, you will need a license to operate your phone repair business. Check with your local government to see the requirements. Registering your business and acquiring the necessary permits and licenses are essential if you would operate within the frame of local law.

11. Employees

As you grow, you may need a team of employees to help with the successful running of your business. Look into individuals with a good experience in phone repair and excellent customer service skills. You can also employ professionals to create a sound online presence to reach your target audience. 


Phone repair business will continually be a booming industry in the African landscape. By upholding values of exceptional service, customer satisfaction, and adaptation to local preference, you can establish a thriving phone repair business that perfectly caters to the rising need of your customer.


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