Do you know interior decoration is one creative medium to express yourself  or bring out how you feel your space should be? Making your home, workspace, or anywhere of your choice aesthetically pleasing and comfortable is the backbone of interior decoration. Interior decorating is the art of decorating a residential home or commercial business according to a client’s preferences and style.

Some may consider interior decoration as a science because it brings together three elements: space, form, and function. Incorporating all these elements will help establish a beautiful, functional, and efficient space. A well-decorated space has a positive impact on your mood and well-being. Imagine how just breathing in a comfortable space could boost your mood. Tighten your seat belt as I walk you through the steps to having an amazing space.

Step-by-Step Guide to Interior Decoration

  1. Identify your Inspiration/ Know your Client

This simply means that you need to recognize the idea you want to bring forth to enhance your space, which is the main point of interior decoration or the idea that your client may want to bring to life.

  1. Define a Clear Design Objective

After identifying your inspiration, you will need to set out a clear picture of how you want to execute this interior design; that would be when you would define the objective of the decoration, basically making a space plan.

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  1. Take Measurements of your Space

This is done in order to get the appropriate materials needed for the work of art in progress.

  1. Set a Budget

You would need to set out a list of materials needed to execute the idea you have in mind and then make a budget for the said materials.

  1. Gather Resources

After the budget has been made, it would be time to gather the resources needed, be it human expertise or just lightning and mirrors.

  1. Implement

Assemble the resources you have purchased and make magic.

  1. Leave Room for Growth

People often outgrow spaces and need to change such designs into something fitting for them at that point in their lives. So, in interior decorating, you have to consider executing your designs in a way that can be improved on or changed subsequently.


  1. Lighting

This is the art of using light to create your own aesthetically pleasing interior design. It is usually used to enhance the already curated interior decoration. In the year 2023, delving into 2024, the use of LED lights, sunset lamps, and varieties of illuminating objects has become rampant. The right lighting illuminates the interior design and highlights your home’s best features. There are four main types of lighting – ambient, task, accent, and decorative.

  1. Quiet Luxury

Put elegance, sophistication, and old money aesthetic, that basically sums up the interior decoration style of quiet luxury. Elegance is pleasing and graceful; imagine having a home or a space that just breathes grace with a touch of sophistication alongside, brushed with the most aesthetically pleasing old money art.

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  1. Sustainability

Green living breathes in freshness. Therefore, it is advisable to start going green to save our world. Sustainability is the ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources for the future. Sustainable interior design is the art of using eco-friendly materials to decorate your space by sourcing all the materials from construction materials with low environmental impact and reduced pollution; this is currently thriving in today’s world because people are more cautious of their environment, and most people are trying to go green.

  1. Vintage Furniture

The word vintage literally means “of age.” Vintage furniture is a term that is loosely used to describe a previously owned piece of furniture. However, for a piece to be considered “VINTAGE,” it must be between 30 to 100 years old. However, in today’s society, vintage furniture is anything that fits the aesthetic of the past. Putting vintage-like furniture with white painted walls could give a chic look to your space. Thank me later.

  1. All White Spaces

This has become the most rampant interior decoration among the youths today. It emits an aura of peace and softness and works well with the currently trending “clean girl aesthetic.” White-painted walls and furniture just look like the perfect look, which you could never go wrong.

  1. Smart Homes

We are in the 21st century, and technology is incorporated into our everyday lives. Smart homes connote integrating smart home technology into interior designs for both functional and aesthetics purpose. Imagine having your home filled with sleek devices like smart thermostats or voice-control lighting systems that blend seamlessly with modern décor.

  1. Unique and Organic Shaped Mirrors

These are mirrors that are shaped with irregular, flowing contours reminiscent of natural forms found in the environment. They have asymmetric outlines and freeform edges resembling the shape of nature, like leaves, clouds, or waves. These mirror accessories a space perfectly, giving it a natural, earthy, and pleasant sensation. They also aid beautiful mirror selfies.

  1. Minimalist Decorations

This type of interior decoration is bordered around simplicity. A minimalist focuses on essentials and aims to own a few possessions and goes for quality and not quantity in order to remove any situation of excess clutter in their space. The interior decoration design involved in this is usually beige colours with the use of clean lines as designs to create a calm scenery.

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  1. Sculptural Art

A sculpture is an artistic form in which hard or plastic materials are worked into three-dimensional art objects. It is the branch of visual art that operates in three dimensions. Sculpture is a three-dimensional artwork that is physically presented in the dimensions of height, width, and depth. People now incorporate these artworks to give their space and modern with a blend of old aesthetics, making it look chic.

  1. Maximalist decorations

This is the opposite of the minimalist interior design. Maximalist decorations are bold, with a variety of colours and very complicated shapes. This type of interior decoration is usually loud, questionable, and very colourful. Despite the mix of so many bold things incorporated into this type of design, they are still thought of properly before being put in place so that it does not look like a disaster.


With this, transforming your space would be no headache; you may just be able to identify the kind of interior design you are into from the ten points listed above. Interior decoration has a transformative power, and switching up your space every now and then gives it a new feel.

Nororat Alan-Lodam
Nororat Alan-Lodam
Nororat is a driven law student and thriving entrepreneur. When not immersed in legal studies or growing her business ventures, she finds solace reading novels and writing content particularly for brand promotion.

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