As part of the initiative to accomplish Lagos Urban Water and Sanitation Hygiene, the Lagos State Government has announced its collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development.

It was stated during a conference with LUWASH group in Alausa, Ikeja by Mrs. Funke Adepoju who is the Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission.

The Executive Secretary also said, “I am optimistic that when the regulatory commission, through the support of LUWASH, is properly positioned in the water sector with clearly defined roles, consumers will get potable water, value for money, and an enabling environment for investors for cost recovery,”.

Based on the announcement, Mr. James Racicot who is the head of the Party of LUWASH, emphasized that the aim of the collaboration was to widen the accessibility and viable management of clean water in the state by upgrading the operation of commercial and individual service suppliers, boosting the legitimate and administrative structure, aiding the ability of others in the industry to improve reporting and clarity.

He further quoted, “An important aspect of the partnership is to conduct citywide household surveys on water, sanitation, and hygiene services. We intend to work with LASWARCO to develop processes to retrain technical staff to enforce service providers compliance while exploring collaboration to improve the quality of sources of water.”

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