Luno and FoodForward SA collaborate to enable bitcoin charity donations

Luno, a cryptocurrency platform and FoodForward SA a food distribution non-profit organization have teamed up to enable South Africans make charitable donations using bitcoin. The managing director at FoodForward SA, Andy Du Plessis, said that allowing this method for donations improves transparency and ensures that all transactions are completely auditable.

Managing director at FoodForward speaks

Speaking on the collaboration, Andy Du Plessis said, “Transparency and innovation are central to our modus operandi at FoodForward SA. As a result of our partnership with Luno, SA’s largest crypto platform, donors can send in their contribution in the form of Bitcoin to support our food security efforts. The underlying technology on which Bitcoin operates prevents corruption and reduces fees, which is vital in running a non-profit organisation,” Du Plessis added.

About FoodForward

FoodForward SA is a food re-distribution organization that works by collecting good quality, edible surplus food from manufacturers, retailers and farmers which they then re-distribute to nearly 2,750 credible organisations that have access to about 950,000 people in need daily. In their operation last year, the organization claims to have successfully redistributed 48 million meals to people in need across South Africa. It costs FoodForward SA R0.68 to deliver one meal, and donors do not have to be Luno customers to contribute.

A word from Christo de Wit

One other benefit of this collaboration as stated by Christo de Wit, SA country manager at Luno, is the ability to receive Bitcoin donations from anywhere in the world coupled with the ease and flexibility and assurance it offers to donors.

Christo de Wit commented saying, “Bitcoin transactions are transparent so you know that your full donation is going directly to the cause. And there are no charges to the organisation other than the standard fee charged by the Bitcoin network. 100% of the amount donated goes directly to FoodForward SA. In this way, FoodForward SA can reach even more vulnerable South Africans.”

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