Meta, Coinbase, Others Form Coalition To Tackle Online Fraud Globally

Major technology companies, including Meta, Coinbase, and others, have formed a new alliance to combat online fraud on social media, dating apps, and cryptocurrency platforms.

The new alliance, Tech Against Scams, will collaborate to discover strategies for countering the instruments that con artists employ and for better educating the public about financial scams, as per a statement issued by the group on Tuesday.

In addition, the Global Anti-Scam Organization, Kraken, Ripple, Gemini, and Match Group—the parent firm of Hinge and Tinder—are members of the group.

The coalition’s continued activities will involve exchanging threat intelligence, best practices, and other advice to help keep consumers safe and secure before they fall for online fraud schemes like romance scams or cryptocurrency scams like “pig butchering.”

Chief Information Security Officer at Meta Guy Rose made the following statement regarding the necessity for the different players to band together to combat their shared enemy:

Since they target users of a variety of internet services, scammers and organized crime groups who perpetrate pig slaughtering schemes find it difficult for a single company to fully comprehend the scope of harmful activity and rely on our silos functioning.

This alliance will act as a force multiplier for security teams at tech businesses to share threat data and trends, enabling more significant interruptions of scam networks worldwide.

Online platforms need to collaborate to avoid criminal activity and, ultimately, to stay ahead of and develop effective solutions for all sorts of financial crimes. Yoel Roth, VP of Trust & Safety at Match Group, said software companies from different industries should collaborate effectively.

“We will continue investing in new technologies to help disrupt fraud and scams faster and get people the support and resources they need,” he continued, “as we work to make it harder for scammers to defraud people.”

According to Philip Martin, Chief Security Officer of Counbase, the sophistication of fraud schemes is rising. This emphasizes the need for industry leaders to band together to combat fraud and create a safer online environment for consumers. “Our commitment is to combating new online scams by working together, exchanging information, and improving consumer education,” he declared.

Pig butchering is a long-term investment fraud scheme where the victim is tricked into investing in cryptocurrency. It is one of the internet frauds that the alliance targets.

Scammers frequently target users on social apps by establishing friendships or building trust through communication before stealing their money. AI is making it increasingly more difficult to distinguish between scams and genuine interactions. Recent reports reveal that scammers leverage AI to create convincing FaceTime calls, phone calls, and emails, impersonating loved ones, potential romantic partners, friends, or even IRS agents.

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