Meta, the tech company responsible for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has collaborated with South Africa’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to diffuse wrong information concerning the 2024 election on all its platforms.

The forthcoming South African election has been predicted to be challenging due to the invention of tech like generative AI. In response to this and to keep the election data in check, Nick Clegg, Meta’s Global Affairs President, reveals how the giant tech company has initiated a training section for the South African IEC on using social media responsibly, with a focus on WhatsApp bots to disseminate reliable election information.

To combat and avoid misinformation about the election, Meta signed agreements with other tech giants like Google and Microsoft at the Munich Security Conference to tackle the issue together.

Clegg further assured that he would not let his guard down, ensuring that he would be on the lookout for surprises from AI trickery, which is yet to be expected during elections in various countries.

The South African election, with nearly 370 political parties in the mix with independent candidates joining the race, is slated to come up on May 24, 2024.

A South Africa’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) report states that the election journey will take much work. The body further mentioned that some data had been leaked, causing a stir.

However, they are under close watch as the Information Regulator steps in to investigate. South Africans abroad display utmost appreciation as they are not excluded from voting. South Africans abroad can now register and vote online, the first of its kind. Over 30,000 South Africans abroad have already jumped on board and secured a voting spot, Making it more accessible for expats to have their say in the elections.

Ojeyemi Adeleye
Ojeyemi Adeleye
I am Ojeyemi Adeleye, a theatre arts graduate of the University of Ilorin and a masters degree holder in Dramatic Arts, Obafemi Awolowo Univerisity. I am a content writer who believes the world can be brought to your doorsteps through writing.

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