Microsoft and OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, announced a $2 million social grant to fight data misinformation and educate people worldwide about the technology. Publish news.

They said the money would focus on AI education and literacy for voters and poor areas, especially as many countries go to the polls this year.

Providing tools and information to help people navigate and find evidence in an increasingly complex ecosystem is more important than ever. Various organizations (PAIs), including the American Association of Veterans Affairs (OATS) Center for Senior Technology Services, the Content Provenance and Authenticity Alliance (C2PA), the International Institute for Democracy and Election Assistance (IDEA International), and the Partnership for Artificial Intelligence (PAI ), provides AI training and supports their work to understand AI capabilities better.

This is a collaboration between Microsoft and a diverse group of non-governmental organizations to fulfil their public commitment to the White House High Performance and Technology Agreement and OpenAI to fight fraud with artificial intelligence in the 2024 elections. Community organizations and schools worldwide work together to promote public awareness and empowerment throughout society.

He has talent. The Global Threat Report points out that disinformation/disinformation generated by intelligence services is one of the biggest threats countries worldwide will face this year.

The survey results show that advances in artificial intelligence technology are making people’s jobs easier

53% of respondents considered AI information incorrect. As a result, the most critical dangers in the world in 2024 are the ten most dangerous things of the year. According to the second study, the most dangerous weather is only the second.

Gabriel Eleojo Umoru
Gabriel Eleojo Umoru
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