The chance to network with the best technologists, innovators, and digital enthusiasts has been presented to the manufacturers in Nigeria by the pair of Nigerian-German Chamber of Commerce and VDW-German Machine Tool Builders’ Association.

They announced to the press in Lagos that the plan had been mapped out during the September EMO Hannover 2023 trade show in Germany.

Marylin Rappu, the Director-General of NGCC, said the presenters from all over the world at the exhibition will advertise modern technological, intelligent, and organizational styles in the global market as the exhibition is ranked as one of the prime exhibitions globally.

The DG further stated that the presenters from all over the world at the exhibition will showcase manufacturing production technology value chains. She said the country’s manufacturing industry requires an improvement in performance and can benefit from all the global technological advancement.

She quoted that “Germany over the years do support Nigeria in different ways especially – technologically. Participants would learn the latest trends, understand the challenges, network, and find solutions to problems they are facing locally, a country without strong manufacturing for export HS is a big problem, so manufacturing is the future for Nigeria.”

Mr. Kayode Jegede who is the Project Manager (Nigeria)- The skilled workers For Africa- VDMA- initiative, stated that the exhibition encompasses every section of the manufacturing community and is an opportunity for local manufacturers to tap the knowledge, skill, and ability to improve productivity and value in their respective areas.

The project manager also said, “It is not only about the machines or hardware. It’s involves the knowledge, the skills, the processes, in the entire ecosystem in manufacturing. Germany is reputed for best manufacturing machines and facilities. It is a learning fair, and you know ideas rules the world. So, manufacturers (in different sectors) in Nigeria are encouraged to key into this opportunity, they will never regret it.”

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