The West African Specialty Coffee Association (WASCA) has announced the launch of the Nigerian-Canadian Coffee Exchange Corridor. This collaboration is an effort aimed at strengthening bilateral trade between Nigeria and Canada as well as promoting Nigerian coffee exportation to the international market.

The Nigerian-Canadian Coffee Exchange Corridor, intends to allow seamless commerce and foster long-term partnerships between Nigerian coffee producers and Canadian coffee importers, roasters, and retailers. It asserted that by exploiting that corridor, Canadian enterprises will have access to a varied selection of high-quality Nigerian coffee beans, thereby helping to boost the coffee market. It was also said that the effort will promote sustainable practices.

“WASCA is committed to ensuring that coffee cultivation in Nigeria adheres to stringent environmental and social standards in collaboration with key stakeholders.”

“This commitment not only safeguards the delicate ecosystems but also empowers local communities, ensuring fair trade and sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers,” the statement stated.

The Nigerian-Canadian Coffee Exchange Corridor, according to WASCA President Larry Segun-Lean, is an exciting chapter in the history of Nigerian coffee.

“Through this partnership, we hope to share our rich coffee heritage with the world while also fostering economic growth and collaboration between Nigeria and Canada,” he said.

We are optimistic that the Nigerian-Canadian Coffee Exchange Corridor would serve as a catalyst for coffee industry innovation, quality enhancement, and long-term development.”

As part of the relationship, WASCA intends to organize educational programs, workshops, and trade events to enable knowledge sharing and foster a deeper understanding of Nigerian coffee in the Canadian market, he says.


Gabriel Eleojo Umoru
Gabriel Eleojo Umoru
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