Nigeria Comes 3rd As South Africa, Egypt Lead African Countries With More Developers

Nigeria ranked third in the list of African countries with the highest number of software developers. As one of the most in-demand top tech talent hunt by both local and international employers, software developers has increased in Africa as many people want to increase their chances of landing a high paid job.

About the List

Countries like South Africa and Egypt are leading other African countries in the size of tech pool talents while Nigeria is 3rd on the list even though Nigeria is referred to as the Giant of Africa as it is more populated.

In a report by, Github and a recent IFC report on African internet economy, they were able to generate an agreeable total number of software developers in African countries. 90% of the the whole African IT tech pool was occupied by the top 17 countries relative to the numbers of developers therefore the report was focused on these countries and the estimated professional developers were found to be 690,000. The three leading countries on the list which is South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria accommodates more than half of the estimated size and the list is as follow:

South Africa- 133,195

Egypt – 125,270

Nigeria – 114,536

Kenya – 58,866

Morocco – 49,818

Tunisia – 45,247

Ghana – 20,551

Algeria – 20,530

Uganda – 13,113

Ethiopia – 8,316

Senegal – 8,113

Tanzania – 8,065

Cameroon – 7,748

Mauritius – 6,879

Zimbabwe – 6,588

Rwanda – 6,412

Ivory Coast – 5,165

Furthermore on the report by also reported in an article that as the estimated number of developers used does not cover the whole scope of the research, a more detailed overview of these countries will be generated as the ranking for the relative size of the tech talent pool will be added.

Another ranking based on the relative number of developers per million population was generated and it was seen that small populated countries like Mauritius are leading with a thriving number of tech talent pools while Nigeria ranked low as it is highly populated compared to the other countries irrespective of its high developer talent pool.



Adeagbo Folashade
Adeagbo Folashade
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