The establishment of a Basket Fund for the collection of donations for gender equality and women’s empowerment is being set up by the Ministry for State Finance and Budget Planning as revealed by the Minister.

This is in line with the government’s commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women. This was disclosed on Thursday at the institutional support for government-donor joint funding facility on gender equality and women empowerment meeting in Abuja.

The Minister further disclosed that to curb gender-based violence, an investment of about N108 billion (approximately US $250 million) would be needed.

He believes the Basket Fund for gender equality and Women Empowerment intervention will go a long way in the effort to stop Gender Based Violence (GBV).

He lauded the Development Programme to support the establishment process of a structure for gender equality and women empowerment by the United Nations.

However, he complained of the fact that embassies and groups regularly provided similar support to some areas and states which causes some confusion with regards to partnership. He revealed that plans are underway to collaborate funding for issues related to GBV amongst other ministries in the country. This will be done through distribution of the funds to the ministries based on their programs.

He gave examples like funding for health-related issues will go to health experts, that for justice will go to justices, etc.

He concluded by saying the Ministry of Finance will be in charge of coordinating the activities but will not be in charge of execution.

The basket fund is to ensure the distribution is done properly and prevent funding groups and embassies from carrying out the same type of support in the same state or area.

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