The Nigerian federal government has launched significant cooperation with American company John Deere in an attempt to address the long-standing issue of land preparation and mechanized farming in Nigeria. Over the following five years, John Deere will provide Nigeria with about 2000 tractors annually through the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

According to Sen. Abubakar Kyari, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, this partnership aims to close the gap between the total amount of arable land and the acreage available for cultivation. This has been made more difficult by the need for tractors for farmers.

The Minister also emphasized the government’s initiatives to guarantee accessibility for farmers who might not have the money to buy tractors altogether. Deutsche Bank is funding a $1 billion project called the “Green Imperative Program,” which aims to construct service centres in Nigeria’s 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs). Following Brazil’s successful model, these centres will provide tractor hire services and other agricultural-related help.

In addition to promoting mechanized farming, the Green Imperative Program seeks to solve more significant issues affecting Nigeria’s agriculture industry. Nigerian farmers primarily cultivate for subsistence using antiquated tools and equipment, which restricts the productivity and output of the land.

Vice President Sen. Kashim Shettima started the conversation that led to this collaboration with John Deere during his visit to the US. The announcement of the establishment of a tractor manufacturing plant in Nigeria represented a significant advancement in the modernization of the nation’s agriculture.

Nigeria’s agricultural advancement has challenges, though, since the farm belt faces persistent instability, which includes banditry and the farmer-herder conflict. These difficulties highlight how urgently the farm sector needs to be strengthened and modernized to guarantee the country’s food security and sustainable growth.

Olawale Moses Oyewole
Olawale Moses Oyewole
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