Nokia Has Announced the Most Advanced Fiber Broadband Platform in the World

Nokia has openly declared the invention of the world’s first Generation 6 broadband platform, designed for a ‘fiber-for-everything’ world, where fiber broadband networks develop into becoming a single infrastructure for every service. 

With the new Lightspan MF-14 platform, the upper end of Nokia’s fiber broadband portfolio can be extended. This in turn brings expansion in capacity, low latency, intelligence, six nines reliability, and the highest power efficiency. And enables operators to address the needs of broadband for decades.

The premiering of the new platform was announced to hold at the Network X event in Amsterdam from 18 to 20 October.

Nokia has explained that this would mark the industry’s entrance into the ‘fiber-for-everything’ era. Once the operators have set in motion the deployment of the fiber-to-the-home, their networks not only pass every other structure on the freeway but also the homes. This means the connection of services, as well as business, is possible.  

Effect of the Fibre Broadband Platform 

The Fiber PON will now be able to support high bandwidth consumer service, business connectivity, industry 4.0 applications, and 5G transport. This results in the creation of more revenue opportunities lower TCO, and considerably reduces overall power usage. 

Geert Heyninck, Nokia’s VP of Broadband Speaks on the Fiber Broadway Platform 

Geert Heyninck, Nokia’s VP of Broadband Networks, said: “Fiber-to-the-home is becoming fiber-for-everything. This is enabled by several technological advances, most notably higher-speed PON technologies to accommodate all new services, and SDN to bring more intelligence to the network. If you think about it, the massive number of connection points on fiber makes it a challenge to get an instant view of everything that happens in your network, fully automate network control, and perform actions with no service interruption. Our current portfolio is doing an excellent job of supporting many of these requirements for today’s and tomorrow’s services, but we are looking ahead. The MF-14 platform will suit operators who are planning large-scale 25G PON, 50G, and even 100G PON within the same environment.”

Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
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