Alphabet’s self-driving unit, Waymo, has assented to many years strategic partnership with Uber that will witness some of Waymo’s self-directed vehicle technology come on Uber’s application.

Saswat Panigrahi, Waymo’s Chief Product Officer says thatthe company’s goal is to increase riding usage by tenfold. Waymo could unfold its influence and acquire new customers, greater than the number of current downloads.

Waymo’s contract with Uber also intensify the long-term strategic collaboration between Waymo’s self-directed trucking arm, Waymo Via and Uber Freight which is Uber’s logistics by-product.

The first round of the partnership will commence this year in the Metro Phoenix area. At the beginning of this month, Waymo twice over its service area in the region to 180 square miles, with the addition of Arizona State Universities, the airport, downtown and other East Valley suburbs.

Some Waymo vehicles will be formed into a whole in both Uber Eats and Uber apps to ease delivery and ride-hail services. Nevertheless, it is not known what part of Waymo’s entire vehicles will be available to Uber.

Waymo has clarified that it will not exclusively distribute vehicles to Uber. Alternatively, Uber customers will have the choice to request a car through the Uber platform when a Waymo vehicle is obtainable for a certifying ride.

Uber has also seen the distinct wisdom in collaborating with companies that are conscientious in building self-directed vehicle technology instead of developing the technology itself. 

The partners have not disclosed the price of Waymo’s AVs’ ride. Katherine Barna, head of PR at Waymo, only mentioned that pricing is ascertained in line with various factors on the Uber app.

Barna also stated that Waymo’s Jaguars will be made obtainable throughout Uber branches like Uber Comfort Electric, Uber Green, Uber Comfort and Uber X. This development could perhaps extend to African countries after it become succesful in the US

Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
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