An event and media organisation focusing more on tech and affiliate marketing, SiGMA Group, is enlisting on an unfolding plan which will take them on a trip to 6 different markets in four continents by the end of the year.

Founded by Eman Pulis in 2014, SiGMA has turned from its initial purpose and now backed up by four main supporters among who are SiGMA Events, SiGMA Play, Venture Capital and SiGMA Foundation. In order to provide a next to none experience for associates and participants, hence, the need for the unfolding.

Speaking on the plan for the expansion, the Founder predicts the new year as an abounding one yet, stating their excitement to bring the conference and networking entertainment to their representatives, although with a bit of value determination difference this time. He concluded with his expectation of having many attendance.

With the first iteration to commence in January, Nairobi, Kenya will be the hosting country as the summit will be based on the emergence of iGaming and tech market in Africa to be assisted by the young and bright populace.

The second summit is to take place in Dubai,UAE and the summit tagged Eurasia Summit with the prominent attendance of entrepreneur Gary Vee bringing together developers, legal experts of the budding gaming, AI and Blockchain sectors, policy makers and the C group officers. The city makes top on their list advanced technology and entrepreneurship through funding opportunities and appealing taxation plan with a promising future for those planning for the future.

Making its first visit to South America, SiGMA Group tags the summit the SiGMA America’s Summit which is to hold in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The next summit will hold in Manila, Philippines and the summit tagged the SiGMA Asia Summit which will base on the swift unfolding of the gaming industry new policy adjustments measures to be marked out by PAGCOR.

Another summit is to hold in September in Limassol, Cyprus. Ranked the third up-and-coming destination in the world by Forbes, the city will host the event which will emphasize the up-and-coming business central for Russian-speaking and Israeli owned gaming companies.

The conclusive part of the summit will hold in November as the Group will retreat to its principal event, the SiGMA Europe Summit in Taqali, Malta and is to feature four shows: SiGMA, AIBC, AGS, Med-Tech World.

The Group’s plan of action is to expand its globally recognised summit knowledge and with the planned summit this year, the expansion plants it as a world leader in the tech and affiliate marketing sectors.

Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye is a writer at helping to spread informative news to the public. Specializing in content writing, Taiye uses that experience to bring light to the African business news. Other times, Taiye loves getting creative with the keyboard and adding to the number of companions around her.

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