Black-owned South African telco company plans to bridge the digital gap by manufacturing affordable, 4 G-abled, fit-for-use mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices by September 2023.

About 43.48 million South Africans use the Internet, this accounts for 72.3% of the citizens. The company is looking at collaborations as a way of achieving this.

Already the telco has collaborated with domestic and global organizations such as ZTE, Dahua Technology, Digit, Bam Forensic Institute, and Providence Software Solutions. Although Bam Telecoms has 2 factories in the country, in KwaZulu – Natal and in Eastern Cape’s East London Industrial Development Zone, the company still relies on Asis for the assemblage of its devices as it has not started to manufacture yet.

However, the innovation department is determined to establish “advanced devices by South Africans for Africans,” at their site near their headquarters in Rosebank, Johannesburg.


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