Sugarless Crystals Launches Chef Diet Plans for Creating Weight Loss Meal Plans

New York, New York–(December 14, 2022) – Sugarless Crystals, a leading Keto diet blog, announced the launch of Chef Diet Plans, a food company specializing in creating weight loss diet plans to help people lose weight and stay fit.

Sugarless Crystals started out as a YouTube channel that showed how to make keto recipes and reviewed keto products. From there, the brand extends to having a blog, which educates people on the importance of the keto diet and how they can prepare various recipes. To keep up with its goals of helping people live healthy and happy lives while maintaining a healthy weight, the brand is taking monumental steps in actually helping people by creating and balancing meal plans aimed at weight loss.

According to Darius Pittman, the founder and CEO of the company, “We want to change how the world views healthy food. We want to take dieting and nutrition back to their roots. Making recipes and meals that taste amazing but are not only good for the soul but great for the body as well.” Darius, who started Sugarless Crystals after suffering as an overweight kid, watched his mother and grandmother fight and lose their lives to life-threatening cancer and heart conditions associated with bad nutrition; he continued, “I want to give people their lives back. Reverse diabetes, lower cholesterol, and tackle blood pressure to give everyone great health and fulfilling lives. Being around bodybuilders and having the desire to live that lifestyle, I’m taking everything I learned from bodybuilding and body composition methods on how to create gorgeous physiques. I will combine the knowledge with 10 years of culinary experience and share it with the world.”

While Sugarless Crystals is centered on the keto diet, Chef Diet Plans focuses on weight loss and improving people’s lives by teaming up with other chefs focused on healthy living. For starters, Darius is the chef for the keto meal plan, and he teamed up with chef Angela Lowe to create vegan recipes. In addition, the company has hired an in-house nutritionist who checks every plan and verifies that it is nutritionally sound for the consumer and meets dietary guideline standards.

Darius Pittman
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