According to The Nigerian Communications Commission, Airtel Network Limited is the only bidder for its 3.5GHz spectrum band for the unfolding of 5G in the nation.



On this note, the auction will be cancelled as Airtel would be allotted one of the available portions of 100MHz TDD spectrum in the 3.5GHz band at NCC’s exemptive price of $273.60 million, as stated by the NCC.


Stating on Wednesday by the commission, only two companies had shown interest in the auction of its 3.5GHz spectrum band as at Monday, December 5, 2022, with a discouraging bid deposit paid by only one. The telecommunications companies were Airtel and Standard Network and Connections Limited.


According to the NCC, “However, only Airtel paid the Intention to Bid Deposit as stipulated in the Information Memorandum (IM) whereas, Standard Network sent an email appeal for the deadline to be extended by 12 working days which was not acceptable in view of the auction timetable.”


Airtel was said to have met the provision in the IM which eventually makes it the sole bidder. On this note, all bidding was stopped as the Commission proceeds to the assignment stage in line with the Information Memorandum (IM) which guides the licensing process.


The Draft Information Memorandum in November 2022 during its latest stakeholders’ engagement, Huawei had said, “High reserve price may result in the risk of spectrum being unsold.”


NCC uncovered its Information Memorandum on 3.5GHz spectrum auction in October where it unveiled plans to distribute two more 5G licenses during an auction scheduled for later in the year.


A reserve price at $273.60 million for its new 5G spectrum with the hope of a higher sale price was given.



5G technology, also known as the fifth generation technology for cellular network in telecommunications, with an unfolding by cellular phone companies worldwide in 2019. It is also known as the successor of 4G network. According to the GSM Association, its networks are estimated to have more than 1.7 billion subscribers of international mobile technology market by 2025.


With 5G technology comes a number of benefits ranging from great experience user to swift network efficiency.


Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
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