The AfDB president has stressed his belief that the future of the African youths lies more within Africa than in any other continent. He said African youth hardly gained any value from empowerment projects from other countries.

He made this announcement at the Africa Day Celebration; an event that marks the development of the Organization of African Unity on May 25, 1963, which was part of the AfDB Annual Meeting in Egypt. He said, “I believe the future of Africa’s youth lies in an African growing wealth, growing equitably, able to create jobs with a decent living, wage and social protection for all our young people.”

Mr. Adesina further stated that the bank will assist the youths in creating businesses and developing their ideas into profitable enterprises. This assistance will be done through the recent creation of a Financial Institution named Youth Entrepreneurship Investment Bank.

This new development is to show how the bank is taking the initiative in guiding and aiding the youths in making sure they have the right expertise, and business mind. He hopes it will make other financial institutions to take the risks and invest in similar programs.

He concluded by adding that the bank also put up another program called the African Pharmaceutical Foundation Technology Foundation (APTF); with the aim of building African pride and heritage.

The foundation is set up to create medicines, vaccines, and drugs that will be tailored to our specific needs by solving difficult matters with access to technology. 

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