Top 20 African Business Blogs for Business Resources and Updates

African business blogs are great resources that work entrepreneurs through the dos and don’ts of growing their businesses.

Running businesses, especially in Africa, comes with challenges. These challenges are typical for an ideal economic environment because the flexibility of the business market makes it a crucial part of the economy. So how can business owners get this guide? By learning from iconic businesses’ blog content and updates.

Like Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-founder, said, “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.” So in this article, we will be looking into the Top 20 African Business Blogs for business resources and updates. Let’s get started.

Top 20 Business Blogs in Africa for Resources and Updates

1. is an online business resource blog that focuses on creating premium content that centers on Business, Career, Entrepreneurship, and Lifestyle. The online business blog currently has over 25,000 monthly readers who come back to get more business insight that can assist them in achieving their professional goals. This information makes them productive and efficient entrepreneurs to be successful in the African business ecosystem. 

Furthermore, organizes business-oriented webinars via Insightpreneur and Networking via Insight Elite Networking, a networking community for African innovators to brainstorm. 

2. Nairametrics

Nairametrics is a Nigerian business blog that covers the Nigerian stock market and economy. The website was launched in 2010 and has become one of Africa’s leading business blogs. 

Nairametrics covers a wide range of topics, including stock market analysis, company news, economic analysis, and more. Nairametrics also provides financial tools and resources such as stock market data, economic indicators, and financial calculators.

In addition to its website, Nairametrics also has a strong presence on social media and offers a daily newsletter. The company is known for its independent and unbiased approach to reporting financial news and analysis.

3. TechCabal

TechCabal is a Nigerian technology news and media company that covers the startup and technology scene in Africa. The company was founded in 2011 and has grown to become one of the continent’s most respected sources of technology news and analysis. 

TechCabal covers a wide range of topics including startup news, venture capital, mobile technology, e-commerce, and more. In addition to its news coverage, TechCabal provides analysis and commentary on the technology industry in Africa through its website, social media channels, and events. 

It is well known for its in-depth reporting and focus on the business and economic impact of technology in Africa.

4. BusinessWorld.Africa

Being one of the best Nigerian-based business blogs, Business World Africa is committed to evolving the African business space by creating valuable content like business news, government regulations, economic analysis, innovative ideas, and others.

BWA aims to keep business owners updated about current issues in the African business world and help African businesses and entrepreneurs gain more authority and credibility using media coverage.

It has been awarded and recommended to be a verified business news platform in Africa by Guardian Newspaper, one of the best news platforms in West Africa.

Apart from that, Business World Africa partners with several small, medium, and large businesses. If your business is in these categories, Business World Africa is one of the First Business blogs you should check to gain insights.

5. Business Daily Africa

Business Daily Africa is an African Business Blog based in Kenya that gives news, analysis, and commentary about business updates.

Many blogs have been published under various sections like Corporate News, Market and Finance, Economy, Life and work, and Special reports.

They provide business updates pertaining not only to East Africa and Africa but also to the world. They also feature various partner content that involves collaboration with other businesses and business publications.

6. How we made it in Africa

This business blog was established in South Africa in 2010 and has since become a reliable online Africa Business Newspaper where African business growth stories, ideas, and trends will inspire you to take that vital step in your business.

They published articles under various sections like the Business Growth Stories, which tells the stories of Africa’s top business people about how they established their businesses, giving the readers a good learning experience.

Also, the Ideas and Trends section analyzes potential African business prospects and shows how innovation, shifting purchasing habits, and other forces affect African countries and sectors. 

They have also had various key events over 12 years of business blogging.

7. Forbes Africa

Hearing the name Forbes dictates a very authoritative position in the business world and economy. This authoritativeness is expected as they have proven to have one of the best online content regarding the business world.

They have various sections like Under 30 Weekly round-up, Cover Story, Entrepreneurs, Africa Undiscovered, Technology, and others where they publish their business insights.

With various business updates almost every hour, this business blog has an extensive database from which entrepreneurs can learn a lot. Therefore, Forbes Africa is a business blog calling for attention.

8. Business Elites Africa Magazine

Business Elites Africa Magazine is also a Nigeria-based business blog. It publishes Business Insight in the form of news updates, insightful business listicles, and other valuable information that can keep business owners updated and learn about the changes in the business world.

9. SME South Africa

SME South Africa offers all the materials, tools, and guidance company owners may need.

They offer expert advice to assist business owners in locating the best business solutions and small business funding sources to take their companies to the next level.

According to their research, businesses that use technology and have access to financing have a better chance of success. 

So with this, their role is to guide business owners and hold their hands while they make better purchasing selections.

10. Lioness of Africa 

Lionesses of Africa Public Benefit Corporation, develops and delivers entrepreneur development programs, mentorship programs, business tools, digital media platforms, community platforms, networking events, and information resources to African women entrepreneurs.

Lionesses of Africa makes an impact by developing the next generation of African women entrepreneurs.

This impact involves helping them to achieve their startup goals, encouraging them to generate economic stability, strengthening their communities, and becoming game-changers Africa requires to solve pressing socio-economic problems.

11. African Business 

This Business Blog is a well-established brand under IC Publications, which means it has the same objective as the publication: “to give a unique view into African issues, from an African perspective.”

For almost 50 years, IC Publications has been producing magazines, bulletins, country editions, industry studies, and market information on Africa.

Their publications are unquestionably market leaders in the sector. Moreover, their business insight and content are top-notch for readers and clients, the elite of corporate, governmental, intellectual circles, and entrepreneurs.

This organization brings together the expertise and an unequaled African network. They also ensure that their monthly reports provide authoritative analysis of the most current business and economic happenings. They do so across many divisions, such as finance and services, trade and investment, and so on.

12. IncAfrica 

Inc. Africa is a pan-African site dedicated to telling the tales of Africa’s entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, founders, inventors, and company builders. It also provides a forum for them to tell their own stories.

Their mission is to provide aspirant African business leaders and developers with all they need to establish, run, and grow a firm in Africa.

All of their tales are pertinent to one of the various life stages through which businesses might normally progress: Idea, MVP, Seed, StartUp, Growth, Established, Scaling, Mature, IPO, Exit, and Enterprise, and always touch one of their six pulses: Start-up, Grow, Lead, Innovate, Technology, and Money.

They also attempt to print as many pieces on each country in English-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa as possible.

13. Africa Management Institute 

Africa Management Institute (AMI), based in Kenya, helps ambitious enterprises succeed across Africa.

They think that competent workers generate flourishing businesses and that thriving firms provide great employment, which promotes prosperity and dignity.

Business owners can learn from the stories they post under their Stories section, which is an excellent database for business insights.

Being a Management Institute, they also provide customized tools and training to their clients and partners. These tools help in business management and entrepreneurial studies.

14. Your Business Magazine

The digital platforms of Your Business Magazine feature inspiring success stories as well as practical, actionable advice on all aspects of running a business, including concept development and brand development, as well as critical issues such as securing finance, human resources, growth, Marketing, human resources, technology, strategy and leadership, and more.

They also inform business owners about the economy’s health, laws, and current events. Their focused platforms and business services directories give the best media solutions for business-to-business firms to sell their goods, answers, and services, assisting SMEs to launch, develop, and expand.

15. African Business Institute

Having trained over 80 business leaders, African Business Institute has enough business experience and knowledge to share through their business-related articles on their blog section.

Although they operate under a religious belief, their vision is to develop competent and ethical business leaders in Africa and empower firms and entrepreneurs, paving the way for absolute independence.

16. Business2Sell Blog

Business2Sell Blog is a business blog with articles packed with many business tips and ideas. This blog belongs to one of South Africa’s largest and most reputable platforms for buying and selling.

Every day, thousands of buyers and sellers visit this website, making it one of the most agile and responsive online transaction platforms. They are dedicated to offering our clients modern technology and cost-effective services, and all their tips and knowledge are well-represented in their articles.

17. Smallstarter Africa

Smallstarter Africa equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge, insights, and motivation to turn their ideas, aspirations, and small enterprises into successful wonders.

They also empower entrepreneurs to develop their dream businesses with a combination of selected material, books, basic and advanced business courses, trademark coaching packages, and individual consultations.

They assist passionate individuals in identifying and capitalizing on economic possibilities. And, via their articles and blogs, they provide people with the direction and assistance they require to start, develop, and succeed in business.

They think entrepreneurs should be rewarded for their innovation, hard work, and risk-taking as much as their work benefits, enriches, and empowers society.

18. Matrix Live Business

Matrix Live Business is a section under Matrix Live Blog where updated news and business insights are available for business owners based in Nigeria.

It also has two subcategories under the main Business section: the Currency and Market. This help to give updates about each subcategory without the stress of searching.

19. African Diaspora Network

Since 2010, the African Diaspora Network (ADN) has fueled engagement among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and African diasporans to better African communities. ADN is committed to offering virtual and physical venues to provide access to resources that promote collaboration and information exchange and develop investment possibilities.

They are the first establishment to bring together a worldwide network of Africans in the diaspora. They have brought together entrepreneurs, investors, scholars, and leaders of nonprofit organizations, companies, and government development agencies to learn, interact, and co-create opportunities. All information is available on their blog for entrepreneurs and business owners.

20. African Reporter-Business

This business blog creates content across various niches. Such contents help drive passionate, entrepreneurial dreams and ambitions. 

This blog posts news and updates about the business world and various insights and tips about business growth and development.


The digital age has made access to Information and Knowledge very easy. You can quickly get great insights on entrepreneurship and other information on blogs. Much of this information has paved the way for better business ideas and execution.

Thomas Edison, the co-founder of General Electric, Once said, “The value of an idea lies in its use.” The best way to grow and develop your business is to start now. So what are you waiting for? Check out these Business Blogs and Start Learning.



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