Top 10 Remote Marketing Jobs in Africa

Have you ever considered exploring the world of remote marketing? With the rapid growth of digital technology and the increasing emphasis on virtual connectivity, remote work has become famous for professionals seeking a marketing role.

What is a Remote Marketing Job? 

If you are looking for a flexible marketing role, remote marketing jobs might be the perfect fit for you.

Remote marketing jobs are marketing roles that allow you to work from home. You can leverage digital marketing tools and technology to carry out your marketing strategies. Your PC essentially becomes your marketing headquarter.

Benefits of Remote Marketing Jobs

  1. Flexibility

Remotely marketing role allows for creating a flexible schedule. With flexibility comes the ability to create a healthy work-life balance. Hence, you have the opportunity to give just the right amount of energy to all aspects of your life.

  1. Ability to work from any location

Most companies hire remote workers who work from practically anywhere across the globe. Provided you have a functional computer and a good internet connection.

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  1. Saves money and time

You can manage your time and resources more effectively as a remote worker. Compared to the traditional way of working, you save the money and time spent on transportation and feeding to and from your place of work.

  1. Increases productivity

Studies have shown that remote employees are more productive since remote workers are less stressed and overworked. Hence, they are happier and more energized, resulting in more productive work.

Top 10 Remote Marketing Jobs

  1. Content Marketing

A content marketer produces and publishes valuable content for businesses to engage their online audience.

Content marketing help to create value for your audience. This value creation leads to more audience engagement, depending on the client’s business goals. These goals could range from building brand awareness to generating more sales for the business.

The tasks of content marketers include creating blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, videos, etc. But remember, this content is used to attract more customers ultimately.

  1. Brand Management

The main job of a brand manager is to help in the branding process of a business by building awareness. They are usually in charge of creating and implementing both online and offline promotions.

As a brand manager, you’ll be responsible for various tasks depending on the company’s values and needs. These tasks are developing a brand strategy based on research, identifying the business’s current position in the market, communicating the brand to customers (brand awareness), etc.

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  1. Brand Influencing

If you have an online audience that trusts you, it’ll be much easier to build a brand influencer career. Brand influencers earn their income by promoting products on social media. They help businesses promote their goods by making the online audience trust a brand and its product.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketers use social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to promote a business and its products. They usually create marketing strategies for the online presence of a business.

Social media marketers have a vast knowledge of different social media platforms and know the best practices. They know the social media platforms that would convert audiences for a particular type of business. Their main task is to use social media platforms to reach the business goals of a brand or company.

  1. Social Media Management

Social media managers and social media marketers are usually seen as the same by a lot of people. While this is true in some way, there is still quite a big difference between the two.

A social media marketer aims to reach the business goals of a brand using marketing strategies. On the other hand, a social media manager aims to manage the company’s social media platforms, ensuring that the audience is well taken care of.

  1. Business Analysis and Marketing Strategy

Business analysts and marketing strategists help to create plans to help a business or company meet their marketing goals. They work with other marketing team members and focus on creating a company’s overall marketing strategy. They also oversee its execution. These professionals usually need a bachelor’s degree in their field.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketers are digital marketers who use emails as a broader marketing strategy. They are responsible for managing email marketing campaigns.

Their tasks could include optimizing email content creation, copywriting, proofreading and editing, managing email lists, reporting success and insights etc. As a strategic email marketer, you’ll contribute highly to the success of your business.

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  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways businesses and brands can grow sales and generate revenue. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be helping various brands (depending on the niche you selected) promote their products online.

Here, people sign up for affiliate programs, promote the products and then get commissions if they can convince their audience to buy them. No one buys from people they don’t trust. So to be a successful affiliate marketer, you will need an online presence that trusts you.

  1. Art/Creative Marketing

Art/Creative Directors of most organizations are responsible for creating and maintaining a company’s visually appealing aspects. They do this by creating designs or other creative graphic outlets, such as video ads, that help speak the brand’s or company’s goals and vision to the customer.

  1. Marketing Management

Marketing managers oversee and execute marketing strategies that align with a business’s goals. These managers are crucial when promoting and selling a company’s product.

Marketing managers are the overall head of the marketing department of any organization; hence, they help to manage the whole marketing plan of a business. Creativity and strong knowledge of business tactics benefit people in this field.


Remote marketing jobs offer exciting possibilities for professionals seeking flexibility and global opportunities. So, whether you are an experienced or aspiring marketer, embracing remote marketing jobs can open endless opportunities for you.


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