Treepz is looking to collaborate with event hosts, travel agencies, and hospitality businesses in Kenya and Ghana. The company is hoping the proposed partnership will establish improved service provider, and establish new opportunities for partnership and profit creation.

Treepz hopes the collaboration l will solve the long-standing ground transportation requirements of people in the hospitality business. Individuals who come for business and tourists usually depend on cabs to move around, thus, making available a dependable transportation system is the company’s goal.

Apart from a 10% discount on each rental, Treepz revealed that each customer will enjoy privileges such as a plethora of cars to choose from when making reservations, they can also merge vehicle rental as a facility in their service subscription to customers.

Every set will be accompanied by free rental insurance and allow customers to personalize rental packages featuring customer addresses, discount codes, and pricing. Those who register for the initiative have the opportunity to “market their offerings to Treepz’s extensive guest community”.

The CEO of Treepz, Onyeka Akumah stated that the program “opens up new revenue streams for travel and hospitality players and is a testament to our commitment to investing in the overall growth of the travel ecosystem using technology.” The company further said that its vast network of sought-after rental cars would solve the mobility requirements of organization stakeholders like travel agencies and event planners.

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