Uber, the transport software behemoth, has chosen Valid’s mioSIM eSIM to deploy its UberSIM technology solution.

Valid’s mioSIM eSIM is linked with ConnectedYou’s unique connection orchestration platform, which also includes Valid’s Remote SIM Provisioning software, enabling Uber to manage multi-carrier connectivity across all mobile carriers in the UberSIM ecosystem globally.

The UberSIM solution allows Uber’s numerous IoT use cases to remain smoothly linked to the service, while the Uber ecosystem benefits from the flexibility afforded by this architecture in order to obtain the best costs and quality.

Valid’s cutting-edge eSIM technology, which is compliant with the most recent GSMA specifications, provides customers with an interoperable and efficient solution to streamline their connection supply chain. Regardless of device location, remotely manage or modify connectivity subscriptions directly from a quick and secure service.

Uber’s goal with the UberSIM product has been to provide an unrivaled connected experience and quality of service for all of Uber’s IoT deployments worldwide. With this solution, Uber can handle a single global UberSIM SKU, greatly simplifying operations across 70+ countries.

“With access to millions of connected devices, we needed a one-stop-shop business model to handle remote updates and simplify device connectivity around the world. Valid’s technology enabled us to streamline our operations while also protecting our linked devices” said Uber’s Rahul Vijay.

The COO of Valid Mobile, Salvador Cabrera, added that “Working with behemoths like Uber and agile connectivity service providers like ConnectedYou perfectly exemplifies Valid’s eSIM customer-centric strategy, which aims to help our customers provide an improved digital journey during eSIM implementation by bridging the gap between connectivity providers and OEMs. ”


Gabriel Eleojo Umoru
Gabriel Eleojo Umoru
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