On Tuesday, April 30, 2024, the UK government announced the return of unspecified first migrants to Rwanda in July due to its new controversial policy. The policy indicates Rwanda as a safe place to seek asylum after months of parliamentary wrangling to make a precise decision.

Last week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak vowed to halt the arrival of migrants in small boats from mainland Europe and begin detaining people promptly before deportation flights start within “10 to 12 weeks”.

On Wednesday, April 30, 2024, a report from the immigration officer responsible for people earmarked for the flights, as confirmed by the interior ministry, confirmed that “a series of nationwide operations” were underway. The first illegal migrants set to be removed to Rwanda have now been detained,”.

Calling it “another major milestone” in the Rwanda plan, the ministry released photographs and a video of immigration enforcement officers detaining several migrants at different residences, leaving them in handcuffs, and escorting them to secured vehicles.

In response, the interior minister, James Cleverly, mentioned that the UK government is working earnestly to return migrants who found their way illegally. Another senior minister revealed the government plans to deport 5,700 migrants to Rwanda this year after a confirmation that Kigali agreed to welcome them all.

The commercial charter plane has been set aside and is ready to fly the first set of 2200 migrants. However, some migrants seeking asylum in the UK have retraced their journey back to Rwanda using a different plan.

Rwanda is home to 13 million people and one of the most stable African countries. Its rapid growth is due to modern infrastructure.

Official statistics revealed an increase of migrants in Rwanda by more than a quarter in the first of the year compared to 2023.


Ojeyemi Adeleye
Ojeyemi Adeleye
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