Webb Fontaine launches Integrated Risk Management System in Egypt

Webb Fontaine has launched the advanced Integrated Risk Management (IRM) service in Egypt in partnership with the representive of the government of Egypt, Misr Technology Services (MTS). Webb Fontaine is a global provider of Customs facilitation solutions and AI-powered trade technology to governments and trade administrations.

This initiative will facilitate the digitalization of Customs procedures in the country.
The new Integrated Risk Management system uses AI and data analysis to identify and categorize potential risk areas for each step of the customs process, it then assigns weighted scores to each preidentified risk factor based on the degree of impact.

Alioune Ciss, CEO of Webb Fontaine, commented on the partnership saying, “We are thrilled to have been chosen as the primary technology partner for this exciting project by Misr Technology Services (MTS) and to be implementing our state of the art Integrated Risk Management solution.” “AI has had a profound effect on Trade and Customs administrations around the world, and we’re excited to demonstrate this in Egypt through our partnership with Misr Technology Services,” he added.

Mr. Mazen Abu Al-Ghanam, Project Manager at Webb Fontaine, added: The programme will help further reduce release time by utilizing the latest technologies in AI and ML for expediting the processing of legitimate and compliant goods and shipments, better allocate resources and efforts for carrying out inspections, reviewing and processing of exported and imported goods formalities by Customs or a specific agency in addition to expanding green lane application for clients enrolled in the AEO programme.

Prior to the deployment of the system across custom centers in Egypt, a pilot implementation stage was conducted. An operations room was formed inside Dekheila Customs Center during the initial launch of the system to quickly resolve any potential problems.

This project marks Webb Fontaine’s entry into the Egyptian trade and Customs industry. MTS chose Webb Fontaine’s sophisticated Integrated Risk Management system due to its substantial use of AI and other advanced technologies. The system relies on big data and extracts the risk patterns from historical data components using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, allowing it to propose new risk criteria and measure the efficiency of risk profiling.

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