A cloud communication startup, SendChamp, which energizes online messaging, has been acquired by Nigerian cloud framework firm, WhoGoHost. The move is part of the Nigerian startup’s dedication to improving its service offering for its users.

On the acquisition, the CEO of SendChamp, Goodness Kayode said “ Our Vision aligns with theirs.” Goodness Kayode and Damilola Olotu, the CTO, started SendChamp in 2021 to enable businesses communicate through different platforms such as WhatsApp, email, and voice. The CEO added that WhoGoHost is assuring business owners and entrepreneurs of effective online communication.

The buyout will see the CEO and CTO of SendChamp become the Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer of WhoGoHost respectively.

Also, SendChamp will operate for a couple of months alone and later, will be accessible through the WhoGoHost platform, post-integration. At which time, “SendChamp will essentially become SendChamp by WhoGoHost,” as quoted by SendChamp CEO, Kayode. As the integration process continues, SendChamp will eventually go by the name WhoGoHost.

Opeyemi Awoyemi who founded WhoGoHost, a company that had also acquired TheExpertHost and iHostAfrica in 2016 revealed that the buyout presents a very good opportunity for them to widen their services apart from being a “domain-hosting to a one-stop shop for digital services for entrepreneurs and businesses in Africa.”


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