The World Bank has assured to support Kenya with Sh1.5 billion to the cause of her technology renovation which was made known in a meeting between authorised representatives of the World Bank and the Kenyan government in Washington DC. This, they plan to do with other technology projects.



The Kenyan government declared its plans to digitise its administrative records in the next five years with its forecasted date as early as 2027 about two weeks ago. This was announced by Eliud Owalo, the Cabinet Secretary of the ICT and Digital Economy.


With the country’s ardent responsiveness on adopting and exploring tech, Kenya has become one of Africa’s tech prime.


With this, the World Bank, with the aid of its Single Digital Market initiative, is backing up the country on its vision to becoming an active innovative, digital investment and development center.


The joint work between the country and the World Bank is intended to ease market growth and functionality, effective creation of a strong legal adjustments and ICT institutional environment to improve digitalisation in the region.


There will be examination of growth of the region’s data market by installing cyber security processes, under building and performance ability building in the cause of the project.


Other goals for the collaboration between the two parties are the growth of cross border online trade and payment and e-commerce inceptive.


Towards the cause of the project, there was a lengthy discussion between the representatives of the Kenyan government and the World Bank in a meeting held at the World Bank’s office in Washington DC.


The EAC Secretary General, Dr. Peter Mathuki, the World Bank team led by Mohammed Essakali who is also the Manager of African Regional Integration and the Global Manager for Digital Development, Casey Torgusson were in attendance.


The EAC Secretary General, during the meeting, observed that the inceptive extends to its partner states. He mentioned that there are plans to institute more regional technological innovation centers across East Africa to overcome the digital issues within the subcontinent.


In his speech, the EAC Secretary General stated that, “This support will further enhance the region’s competitiveness and skills development that is central to successful digital transformation.”





Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
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