There are several types of freelance writing niches you can explore as a freelance writer and blogger. Some of these niches are specified and might require some sorts of technical knowledge.

In contrast, others fall in the general writing category that virtually every freelance writer can fit in at ease.

However, before choosing your freelance or blog writing niche, it is important you know the types of writing you are comfortable with and those you enjoy.

It is also essential to check out the payment prospect, as this is a significant factor no one can wipe out.

In this article, I will be taking you through diverse freelance writing niches and the prospect of success in it.

Meanwhile, you can also check out the ten types of freelance writing you should know as a freelance writer.

The 18 most profitable freelance writing Niches in 2020

Financial Writing

Finance writing is one of the most demanding and highest-paid freelance writing niches. It requires good knowledge of accounting, business administration, or any field that falls in the administration line. Some employers often specify the discipline they need for their projects.

Meanwhile, in the real sense, anyone in the administration line should be able to write great content irrespective of the specific aspect of finance writing the client’s request. 

Common content-writing projects that fall into this category are accounting software, insurance policy, tax management, financial advisory, and many more. 

Why Finance writing sells well? 

Financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, tax consultation companies, and many more understand the importance of constantly getting in touch with their customers.

They are committed to educating the public about their services. Consequently, there is an unlimited demand for financial content.

  • Requires good financial knowledge and education 
  • Payment is sweet 
  • A steady flow of jobs

Medical Writing

This writing niche is strictly restricted to those in the medical line. The demand is pretty high, and the payment rate is super cool! Like finance writing, people with general medical knowledge can handle most writing projects in the medical writing niche. 

However, some projects require specialization, particularly those involving the prescription of drugs, specialist consultation, academic and research purposes, and many more. As such, it would be great to leave the work to professionals in the field.

Popular medical writing niches in this category include physiotherapy, mental health, dermatology, physiotherapy, etc.

Other aspects of medical writing that virtually every medical practitioner can write about are sickness, body pain, first aid, sexual infection, and many more.

Please note that going further into this subject might require some medical expertise and experience.

Who needs medical writing? 

Several medical centers release medical journals to the public every year. These journals are often written by professional freelance writers that specialize in medical writing.

Plus, there are several medical blogs online. 

  • Require good medical knowledge and specialization. 
  • The pay rate is sweet, and the competition is flexible
  • Easy to get long-term jobs.


What did they say about tech writers? They are like technicians with pens instead of a screwdriver. Technology as a writing niche is pretty broad and requires a good knowledge of the field. As a professional tech writer, it is expected you have a specialized area of specialization.

No one expects you to combine all the tech writing niches we have. In fact, consistency plays a significant role in the niche you will choose. 

Tech writing, unlike other specialized writing niches, is distant from each other. Being good at computer writing doesn’t mean you will know much about autos.

The same thing goes for machines, solar power, etc. You can even go into auto writing, computer review, phones, and many more. 

Who employs tech writers?

Many tech companies employ writers with sound technical knowledge to help them with their writing gigs. This includes content for their website, blog, journals, and many more.

Plus, the competition in the tech line forces these tech companies to focus on content marketing, in which a good tech writer will play an influential role. 

  • Requires good knowledge of the field
  • Payment is dope, and the demand is high
  • Easy to secure long-term projects

Food and wine

Going into the food and wine writing business is not only exciting but also pays super well. And the good news is many people are not aware of the hidden gem in this niche.

You can venture into recipe writing, wine review, food nutrition, or even become a copywriter for wine manufacturing companies. 

Also, wine and food writing have a way of giving you some unique dopamine. More like salivating! Plus, it exposes you to several exclusive offers that are outside your regular job prospects.

Restaurants are willing to offer you money and packages to write about their restaurant. Sweet right? And the payment is cool too. 

The competition is quite balanced for freelance writers, while bloggers can easily dominate their niche if they can carry out excellent market research to know what people crave.

Or something that naturally fascinates them. 

Why food and wine writing? 

Are you asking why you should go into food and wine writing as a blogger or freelance writer? Well, the answer is in the hundreds. Firstly, it is easier to get faithful readers. In as much, you are offering them something unique and fresh.

You can as well sub-categorize your niche into categories like African cuisine, Europe, etc. Guest and sponsored posts advantages from restaurants around you 

  • Fun writing projects and amazing writing offers
  • Competition is balanced and smooth to break-in 
  • Easy flow of ideas 


Apart from being a blogger or freelance writer, you do not need anyone to tell you entertainment is one of the best-selling writing niches. Little wonder this niche is saturated with bloggers.

These people understand the importance of creating content that sells very fast. And the good news is entertainment will never stop paying freelancers and bloggers that specialize in it.

Moreover, it is easier to see trending topics to write.

Entertainment writing, unlike many freelance writing niches up there, do not need any specialized knowledge.

So far you find it exciting, you are good to go. Furthermore, there are several aspects of entertainment writing. This makes it easy for you to choose the scope that catches your interest—music, movies, social events, beauty pageant, comedy, and many more. 

How to source money as an entertainment writer?

Apart from having an entertainment blog, a freelance writer can also work for entertainment companies. This includes Entertainment TV, magazines, big blogs, and many more.

Payment for entertainment writers often varies; some clients pay super well, while most are just average. But the industry is large enough for everyone that loves it.

  • Unlimited overflow of jobs
  • Payment is not that dope – just average
  • Projects are often impressive – more like having fun


Education is another worthy freelance writing niche you can venture in. It is marvelous, and the payment is superb. Meanwhile, you will need a lot of branding to prove yourself as an authority in this niche.

Plus, it helps you win the trust and respect of your readers. You can choose to sub-categorize it into undergraduate, postgraduate, high school, foreign, etc. 

If you are a blogger, you can make your blog looks like an advisor blog. You guide students on their course of study, preferred school of choice, international students, admission, mentorship, and many more.

As for a freelance writer, your real market is in private student loan lenders, universities, online universities, professional exams many more.

All these institutions have loads of money to spend, and they need these contents direly. Target your market and go for it.

The requirement to be an Education writing 

You need a good knowledge of the services you want to be offering as an education freelance writer.

Therefore, you must specialize in areas you are good at. Jobs in these categories are fun, and they pay pretty well. 

  • Requires good branding to be an authority in this niche
  • Proper flow of job if you find your way around it.
  • Open you to several other great opportunities, including online and offline teaching.  


Travel is another unique writing niche a freelance writer and blogger can venture in. It is fun and exciting. Furthermore, it exposes you to several other things. 

There are several approaches to source information for a freelance travel writer. You can tour the place yourself, get feedback from those already there, carry out research, and many more.

A good website where you can carry out excellent research is Quora. Just ask relevant questions in this aspect, and there are 10 – 20 people willing to share their experience with you.

It would be much better for bloggers if you major in a particular place, like a country, megacities, tourist centers, etc. This makes your work easier and gains readers’ trust easily.

Plus, you can review fascinating things about all these places.

Sooner than later, you will start getting guest posts from other people. Plus, you get to source money quickly regarding hotels, restaurants, real estate, and many more.

Prospect of earning money as a travel writer

The prospect of earning money as a blogger and freelance writer in the travel niche

The chances of earning money in this niche are unlimited. A freelance writer can write reviews for travel guide websites, and copywrite content for traveling agencies, partners.

  • Payment is cool, and competition is balanced
  • Jobs is fun and easy to carry out
  • Exposes to several experiences and over.

Blog and Freelance writing

This seems to be the most popular freelance writing gig among bloggers. Many of these people are freelancers that are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. Of course, it is always fun to teach other people about things you know quite well.

One of the reasons blogs on freelancing and blogging are trendy. The few unique ones here specialize in SEO. And still, they all fall in the same category.

Obviously, the competition is high, and the payment is not that super. Nevertheless, it is fun as you will be writing on things you are entirely familiar with.

Besides, if you know your way around, you get to earn much better.

How freelance and blog writing niche works

Competition is quite high if you are going into blogging.

Furthermore, specializing in it as a freelance writer wouldn’t make you super special because clients can assume most freelancers should be able to write about it, which makes you less unique.

But it is cool because you are writing about something you are passionate about. 

  • Competition is high, and payment is quite average
  • Writing is fun and simple 
  • Help you meet people with likely minds 

Alternative Health

Alternative health, unlike medical writing, does not require much medical knowledge. At least, no one expects a degree from you before you can do well in this writing niche.

All you need is fitting knowledge for the specialized niche and do further research when necessary. Writing in this category includes Yoga, sex, Body fitness, Nutrition and Diet, DIY therapy, skin care, and many more. 

Why Alternative Health

Both bloggers and freelance writers can easily do well in this category. This competition is slim, and the payment is fantastic. Particularly if you can clarify your audience and offer them something different.

A freelance writer can Copywrite for skincare companies, Yoga schools, body fitness centers, etc. And a blogger can pitch his blog in any of these niches.

  • Payment is great, and the competition is balanced
  • A regular flow of jobs if you are good at it
  • Improves your connection with other people and brands


No one will request a degree from you before giving you a cryptocurrency-related writing project.

However, one will certainly want to know if you have a good experience in crypto writing. It is technical and requires some knowledge of the blockchain to come up with something fresh. 

While many freelance writers fall back on research, it is also essential you know what you are researching. And one of the sad things about crypto articles is it is easy to spot erroneous content.

So, if you are not good at it, do not bother to go into it. 

Who employs your service?

Cryptocurrencies are already dominating the world. Nothing less than 5 ICO come out every day, and these people need someone with experience in crypto content writing to help them with their white papers and other crypto writing projects.

This seems to be a flow of wealth for a freelance writer that specializes in it. It would be advisable for bloggers to write on the popular coins as many of these new coins die even before people get to know them.

  • Much flow of jobs with sweet payment deals 
  • Writing requires good knowledge of cryptocurrencies 
  • You get to learn new things every day

Lifestyle Article

Lifestyle is one of the most popular writing niches for bloggers and freelancers. It is fun and exciting.

It is quite easy to capture your audience’s attention if you are good at the job. This is why it is prevalent among bloggers. 

Who employs your service?

Individuals and businesses alike may hire the services of a lifestyle article writer. For individuals, this may include those seeking personal essays or features on topics such as travel, food, fashion, health and wellness, relationships, and more.

Businesses may also hire lifestyle article writers to create content for their websites, blogs, or marketing materials on topics related to their industry, products or services.

Examples may include fashion brands writing about the latest trends, restaurants sharing recipes and food reviews, or wellness companies providing tips on self-care and mental health.

Overall, a lifestyle article writer can cater to a diverse range of clients seeking engaging and informative content on various lifestyle topics.

  • A regular flow of jobs if you are good at it
  • Improves your connection with other people and brands
  • You get to learn new things every day



Cannabis is one of the freelance writing niches that pay exceptionally well. The demand might not be that high, but the competition is pretty balanced.

And the payment is just too sweet. Clients often insist on someone with good knowledge of the niche to ensure they get something fresh, but not full of erroneous information.  

Companies that will hire you to write cannabis articles

Cannabis writers are typically hired by various types of organizations within the cannabis industry, such as cannabis dispensaries, growers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Additionally, media outlets that cover the cannabis industry may also hire cannabis writers to produce content such as news articles, product reviews, and feature stories.

Government agencies and organizations that conduct research on cannabis may also require the services of a cannabis writer to produce reports, white papers, or other related documents.

  • A regular flow of jobs if you are good at it
  • Payment is super dope
  • Writing requires excellent knowledge of the cannabis industry 

Digital Marketing

You can write on digital marketing as a freelance writer and blogger. You provide regular insights on digital marketing strategy people use can generate more money.

This can be affiliate marketing, drop shipping, etc.

How to make money with this knowledge?

Your options are unlimited.

To make money as a digital marketing writer, you can work as an in-house writer for a digital marketing agency or company.

Another option is to work as a writer for a website or blog that focuses on digital marketing content.

Aditionally, you can offer your services as a content writer to businesses that want to improve their online presence and digital marketing strategies.



This niche is designed for the fashion goddess. Do you enjoy talking about fashion, or have 100 types of fashion ideas in mind? This niche is for you.

The demand is pretty high, as well as the payment. Many fashion stores need good writers that specialize in the field to write content for their blogs.

And fashion is never dull, so relax. It is something worth writing about with a promise of money in return.

Where can you work as a fashion writer? 

As a fashion writer, you can work in a variety of settings such as fashion magazines, online fashion publications, fashion blogs, fashion brands, fashion retailers, fashion PR and advertising agencies, and fashion event companies.

Many fashion writers also work as freelance writers, offering their services to different clients in the fashion industry. Some may also work as fashion journalists for newspapers or news websites, covering the latest fashion trends and news.

Additionally, some fashion writers may also write books or contribute to fashion textbooks, while others may teach fashion writing courses at universities or colleges.


This is a fantastic niche for a blogger or freelance writer that enjoys knowing more about different noble people on earth. There are several blogs designed specifically for bio. A good example is Biography.com.

The sweet thing about this blog writing niche is that many upcoming famous people would pay you to include them in your blog.

This is not about fraud. It is just the usual reputation every human being craves. Also, these types of articles can easily be referenced on Wikipedia. 

Who needs your services?

Biography writers are usually hired by a wide range of individuals and entities, including public figures, celebrities, politicians, executives, and entrepreneurs. These individuals often require assistance in crafting a well-written and engaging biography that accurately portrays their life story, achievements, and legacy.

In addition to individuals, biography writers may also be hired by organizations such as non-profit groups, universities, and museums to write biographies of historical figures, philanthropists, and other notable people.

Some biography writers may also work for publishing companies, where they may be responsible for writing biographies of famous people for mass-market publications or academic works. Freelance biography writers are also common, offering their services to clients on a project basis.


This seems to be the most popular blog writing you will see on the net. News report about different subjects. It is excellent, especially for those who enjoy journalism.

Most news blogs have their areas of specialization, like politics, entertainment, fashion, health, and many more.

Some news blogs also focus on gossip like Eonline.com.

Who needs the service of a news writer?

News writers can be hired by a wide range of organizations, including traditional news outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and television and radio stations.

Online news websites and blogs, Business World Africa also require the services of news writers to provide up-to-date and accurate information on various topics, including local, national, and international news.

In addition, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses may also hire news writers to create press releases, articles, and other written materials related to their activities and events.

Freelance news writers may work on a project-by-project basis or be contracted by media organizations to cover specific beats or topics.

Adult Content

Sex will forever be one of the best-selling niches for bloggers. People always have something to ask about it, and seeing someone with good knowledge of the field will want them to ask for more.

Sex-related content is one of the few pieces people can read for an unkempt time and not become a cliché.

They want to get more like Oliver Twist. If you love writing about adult content, venturing into this niche will be pretty sweet. 

Who hires an Adult Content writer?

Adult content writers may be hired by a variety of companies or individuals involved in the adult entertainment industry. This can include websites, online forums, magazines, video production companies, and other businesses that specialize in creating and distributing adult content.

Additionally, adult content writers may be hired by individual content creators such as adult film actors, models, or influencers to help them generate written content for their own websites or social media platforms.

It’s important to note that adult content writers may work in a variety of capacities and may be responsible for creating a range of content types, including articles, blog posts, social media content, and marketing copy.

Sports and Game Writing

Writing articles for sport and game websites pay super well. And job prospect is super easy as you will be writing on something you enjoy.

It is one of the best-selling writing niches for bloggers and freelancers, and the competition is limited. 

Types of companies that hire Sports and Game Writers

Sports and game writers are in demand by various types of companies.

Sports companies, such as sports teams, leagues, and organizations, are obvious employers for sports writers. These companies often need writers to cover games, write articles about their teams or players, and create content for their websites and social media channels. Sports equipment manufacturers may also hire sports writers to create content about their products and promote them.

Game development companies are another major employer of game writers. These companies require writers to create storylines, develop characters, and write scripts for video games. Additionally, they may need writers to create manuals, game guides, and other written content related to their games.

Media companies, such as newspapers, magazines, and TV stations, hire sports and game writers to cover events, write columns, and create features about sports and gaming. These writers may also create content for online media platforms, including blogs and social media channels.


Many of the writing niches presented in this article are great and pay exceptionally well. Not only for freelancers but also for blog writers in these categories.

And this does not exclude the prospect of earning with AdSense and other many-making channels for bloggers.

You can also mention different high-paying niches you know of as a comment under this article.



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